Home inspection on Salt Spring Island

A home inspection on Salt Spring Island at a 42-year-old log home. To accomplish the home inspections the buyer brought in a  Home Inspector, Geotechnical Engineer, and a local Salt Spring contractor.

A funny story Jeff the home inspector tells about the bag of gold he found in an attic;

How many people would like to find a bag of gold in an attic?

Interview with Geotechnical Engineer

The home inspector gives the oral report to the buyer. He sends the buyers a full detailed written report usually within 24 hr of inspection.

Interview with Salt Spring contractor Rob Honey.


Scott & June Simmons
The Salt Spring Team

2 thoughts on “Home inspection on Salt Spring Island”

  1. Scott, fantastic that you shared this map.
    BC Parks has some interest in siting the old Monk farmhouse at Ruckle, but the manager needs to convince his higher-ups that it would be a fitting addition.
    I’m preparing an illustrated argument. The old land-survey grid on this map is useful.
    Besides, Don and I just love old maps. This one’s a treasure.

    1. Hi Brenda yes they are nice maps I did not get to keep the hard copies and only have these photos. If we had found the gold perhaps I might not have shared it. That would be a good location for the Monk farmhouse or perhaps on a CRD park.

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