Salt Spring areas

Shepherd Hills Road lots

There is a new proposed Salt Spring subdivision coming to Mt Maxwell area on Shepherds Hill Road.  There will be 6 lots in the Salt Spring development.  Here is the public information on the Salt Spring Island subdivision; www.islandstrust.bc.ca_media_286812_ss-ltc-agd-pkg-2014-10-16 I was up there the other day looking over the area and knew this development would …

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Mount Tuam Annas Drive

Mount Tuam Estates (Strata Corporation VIS5021) comprises 30 strata lots and covers some 600 acres on the south side of Mount Tuam.  The elevation of the lots ranges from 900 to 1,700 ft. The views from this development are outstanding. There are 3 strata roads in this development, Annas drive (paved), Chilton Road (paved) and …

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