Mount Tuam Annas Drive

Mount Tuam Estates (Strata Corporation VIS5021) comprises 30 strata lots and covers some 600 acres on the south side of Mount Tuam.  The elevation of the lots ranges from 900 to 1,700 ft. The views from this development are outstanding.

Views from Annas drive
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There are 3 strata roads in this development, Annas drive (paved), Chilton Road (paved) and Belvedere drive(gravel). Please note some of the places in this area use street addresses and some use strata lot numbers.   As you can see the roads are an engineering marvel.

The strata was a phased development. Here is the building scheme, geotechnical and groundwater report for phase 4 ground water reportbuilding scheme sl 24- 31 phase 4Geo technical

In 2012 there was a conservation covenant on strata lot 15 know as 195 Belvedere road.  Here is the public information; www.islandstrust.bc.ca_ltc_SS_pdf_ssagendamar152012pkg

Here is the original disclosure statement for Mt. Tuam phase IV Disclosure Statement Mt. Tuam Phase IV

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