Kayaking in the local area around Salt Spring Island

Natural limestone Art

Too bad it is boat access only

As part of my 1000km challenge in 2012 I have mixed up my routine from just walking/hiking and have incorporating kayaking. The local waters around Salt Spring are just so amazing with so many unreal places to go to. Over the last few week I have taken my old kayak on numerous adventures. The area around Wallace Island is just so fascinating. On my trip there I encountered a pod of dolphins, a colony of seals, numerous sea birds and stunning vistas of the natural limestone that looks like some type of sun-real art. The other place I have visited has been Walkers Hook Beach which is probably the best beach on Salt spring. It is only accessible via the water.

If you have the chance try kayaking on the water off the Gulf Islands. You will think you have gone to the far side of the earth and it’s actually right here off Salt Spring Island.



  1. Craig and Jan Wolverton says

    Hi Scott

    Summer is starting . . .FINALLY. . .here in Thunder Bay. We continue to check your site daily and like lot’s of the homes. We’re still waiting for a decision on our severence request/hearing with the Ontario Municipal Board. We’re into the sixth month and still no answer. We really like the grey home just list that’s gated and fenced. We’re sure it won’t last long.

    Love your pics of your recent kayak outing.

    Craig and Jan

  2. Hi Craig and Jan That is a sweet looking home. Seems to be no shortage of new listing. Governments around the world have the same trait they are sloooooooow in making decisions. Kayaking seems to be helping with the battle of the bulge.

  3. Awesome. Next time I’m there I have to check out that side of Wallace Island. It’s a beautiful place.

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