Radio Real Estate Show about Fulford Water District

On the show, I interview Tony Maude who is a commissioner of the Fulford Water District. Tony goes through difficulty in dealing with the CRD (Capital Regional District) which seems to have a total disregard for financial accountability. Here is an article Tony submitted to the local newspaper the driftwood. 227 CRD deserves less, not more)

The main problem is that if the CRD makes a mistake, which they have, the locals get to pay for it. The CRD will not cover any cost overruns or problems they make or create. Their problems become yours, they are not held accountable. The CRD is bureaucratic heaven. Full of bureaucrats with no accountability. The CRD has such sweeping roles in such different areas that it is unfortunate that all CRD areas and or departments are being painted with this brush. I must say some parts of the CRD like the Salt Spring building department are excellent. The problems seem to be at the head office of the CRD. Salt Spring elects one CRD director, there are 23 directors, and the director represents Salt Spring at the CRD. In all practical terms, the CRD is the fourth level of government that is between municipalities and the province. In no other province is there this fourth level of government. BC has created this unaccountable monster instead of going the route of cities like Calgary or Toronto. Calgary is a good example of a city that expands through amalgamation. All the little towns around Calgary have been swallowed by Calgary. Victoria is an example of the opposite approach. There are 9 cities/municipalities in the Victoria area. Each with its own mayor, council, fire department etc… In BC the plan was to have the Regional districts fill the void of the areas that need a central government in areas such as regional parks, sewers and water. As you will hear in the interview the problem is the regional districts are basically unaccountable to any oversite by anyone.

Without further ramble here is the interview with Tony Maude

Salt Spring has a basic problem of taxation without representation and or accountability. The CRD is an organization that is accountable only to itself. As I interview other Water district boards the pattern of mismanagement will be evident.


Scott & June Simmons
The Salt Spring Team

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