Nepal trek of the Annapurna Circuit

On my birthday (Sept) someone posted on the Salt Spring exchange about trekking in Nepal.  June noticed it and said Keith (my 19-year-old son) and I should go.  I emailed the person and met up.  He gave me the low down on the trek he was proposing and that set the wheels in motion for our trip.  He said it would be more than just a teahouse trek but I had no prior knowledge of trekking in Nepal … [Read more...]

West Coast Trail 2017

Don't get me wrong Salt Spring is a great place to live but the West Coast Trail (WCT) is the ultimate rugged west coast hiking trail.  Salt Spring is basically on the lee side of the mountains on Vancouver Island and in a rain shadow.  We do not get the massive amount of rain that they get on the outer edge of North America.  The West Coast trail is 75 km of rugged, gnarly trail put in over 100 … [Read more...]

Mount Sullivan hike on Salt Spring

Mount Sullivan is probably one of the least known peaks on Salt Spring.  Most know Mt Maxwell or Mt Erkine but not many know about Mount Sullivan.  It is one of the better hikes on Salt Spring and it's almost all on park land.  The hike starts at the parking area of Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park and heads south across the valley.  One of the first places to see is the first nations monuments that … [Read more...]

Jasper Gem rocks on Salt Spring Island

I have always been a bit of a rockhound and always wanted to find the Jasper outcrop on Salt Spring Island.   Travel writer Rich Hudson gives an excellent account of finding the Jasper deposit on Salt Spring.  Rick Hudson - travel writer and author pdf  Here is the link to his site.  The location of the 100m by 10m seam is not easy to find everyone seems to give vague locations.  So I would hate … [Read more...]

Perfect day for a hike

I have been planning to hike both Mt Tuam trails for a while and since I had to drive my son to work for 8am I thought today would be the day.  The weather this winter has been so mild that I knew there would be little to no snow up on top of Mt Tuam.  Here is the trail map I downloaded for the trip;  Mt Tuam.  By the time I found the trail head it was 9am.  Glad I left home early, with one little … [Read more...]

I took the day off

It was so nice to get a day off.  No cell phone (I did have my tablet with maps loaded), no text not even an email.  I went exploring. Out for a hike on Salt Spring Island. It was a no trail off track ramble.  I have wanted to go and check out the rock grinder of Salt Spring.  It's the spot where the 60 million year old Nanaimo glacial till (cretaceous) meets the 200 million year old lava … [Read more...]

Kayaking in the local area around Salt Spring Island

As part of my 1000km challenge in 2012 I have mixed up my routine from just walking/hiking and have incorporating kayaking. The local waters around Salt Spring are just so amazing with so many unreal places to go to. Over the last few week I have taken my old kayak on numerous adventures. The area around Wallace Island is just so fascinating. On my trip there I encountered a pod of dolphins, a … [Read more...]

1000km Walking Challenge

The one big negative to being a salt spring real estate agent is that half my time is spent in the car, in the coffee shops, on the phone or on line.  I have found over the last few years my pants have been been shrinking.  So to counter the bulge in 2012 I have started to seriously walk every day. Just 3km a day.  It usually takes me about 30 minutes.  It may not sound like much but I'm amazed at … [Read more...]

Sunday afternoon hike up Mt. Erskine Salt Spring Island

Keith, Rex, Lucas and I were headed out for a little walk at about two Sunday afternoon when Keith said "lets go up Mt Erskine". I was not really to thrilled about climbing the mountain at such a late time in the day. This time of year it is starting to get dark at 5pm. Keith can be very persistent I was saying how nice Duck creek would be this afternoon but he held out for the mountain. Ug... It … [Read more...]

Hike on Walkers Hook Beach, Salt Spring Island with Rex and Lucas

Just going for a walk on Walkers Hook beach, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia with Lucas the kind and genteel Maremma Sheepdog and Rex the vicious little Scottish Terrier. Lucas has a way of just enjoying the moment and Rex is always on the hunt. Why is it the little dogs are always the aggressive ones? Very warm night on January 14, 2011 it felt like we had a wind blowing in from … [Read more...]