1000km Walking Challenge

The one big negative to being a salt spring real estate agent is that half my time is spent in the car, in the coffee shops, on the phone, or online.  I have found over the last few years my pants have been shrinking.  So to counter the bulge in 2012 I have started to seriously walk every day. Just 3km a day.  It usually takes me about 30 minutes.  It may not sound like much but I’m amazed at how fit I feel.  I’m almost on year 3 now and have not missed many days.  Walking is the best thing I have ever done to stay in shape.

As of the day of publishing this post 24 March, 2012 Lucas (RIP such a sweet dog missed by all who loved him) and I have not missed a day of hiking on Salt Spring this year.

Update July 12, 2022, it’s been ten years, and yes I still walk every day and usually go 5km per day.

Now it’s with Lucy and Buddy or just Buddy if it’s hot out.

Lucy and Buddy


Scott & June Simmons
The Salt Spring Team

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