Salt Spring Housing Crisis explained

Is Salt Spring in the middle of a housing crisis?  It all depends on who you talk to and what one defines as a crisis. If you move to Salt Spring and have limited funds and are looking to rent a home at about $1000 per month your probably out of luck.  There are basically no homes to rent on Salt Spring Island at this time and not just because it's the usual summer madness. If you are … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island Trust Land Use Zoning bylaw 355

On Salt Spring Island the Island Trust is responsible for our local zoning.  You can find our zoning info here at the Salt Spring Island Trust LUB 355. The bylaw has maps that cover every part of the island.  Believe it or not every few months or so I get an email from someone saying they want to go somewhere where this is no zoning and go off grid.  I usually let them know they are about 40 years … [Read more...]

Do I need a building permit?

I get this question all the time. Do you need a building permit to do a small reno on your Salt Spring home? Yes.  You will need a permit for basically any work on your home.  From the CRD office here is the official line; You will need a building permit whey you; A building permit is required before commencing: Site excavation or blasting Construction, repairing or altering a … [Read more...]

Thinking of Buying raw Salt Spring land?

The other day I had coffee with Erin Bettger-Phillips from Island Saving and ask her to write up a little note that would explain why someone would go there for a mortgage on Salt Spring Island especially if one is thinking of buying land on Salt Spring. Here is her note; The difference a local perspective makes in Salt Spring’s real estate market Erin Bettger-Phillips Like any unique … [Read more...]

If you want a dock you will need a Foreshore Lease

A what? A Foreshore Leases.  What is a foreshore lease? and why do I need one if I want to put in a dock in front of my Salt Spring waterfront home? Here is the definition; Crown foreshore is, in basic terms, all land covered by either saltwater or freshwater. Almost all foreshore in British Columbia is owned by the province and can be tenured by way of Licence of Occupation, Lease, or … [Read more...]

add a stairlift

As a REALTOR® I know first hand the difficulty of selling and moving. It might be easier to reno your home than to move to a one level living home. If your steps have become a major challenge it might be time to think about a stairlift. I had always wanted to see one first hand and Patrick has just installed a state of the art stairlift system on Salt Spring. For more info call Patrick … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island Building trades

Salt Spring Building Trades and or Salt Spring contractors or Salt Spring construction this page is about building your home on Salt Spring. If you are thinking of building your dream home on Salt Spring Islands this page is for you. There are many steps to the building process. It all starts with an idea or dream and then you look at your budget. Hopefully, your dream home can be built within … [Read more...]

Salt Spring home face lift

My clients bought this dated salt spring home a month ago and are upgrading it.  The home was built in 1996 and is structurally 100% perfect.  It seams as if the original owner skimped on the finishing.   The main up grade Alex Denny (salt spring master carpenter) will be doing for the owners is re-finishing the oak hardwood floors. Audio clip about home face lift Part 1 Home Face lift Part 2 … [Read more...]

Straw Bale wall on Salt Spring

Molly and the Mud Girls are building a straw bale wall with a cob finish in front of Charlies home on Fulford Ganges on Salt Spring Island.  This was quite a site full of enthusiasm. Here is the link to the Mud Girls site .  The Mud Girls offer assistance to owner-builders who are embarking on their own natural building adventure. You can hire their crew for projects big or small such … [Read more...]

Radio Real Estate Show with Salt Spring Home Builder Nick Langford

CFSI Radio Real Estate Show with Salt Spring contractor Nick Langford.  Here is a link to Nick Langford's Salt Spring home construction web site.  Nick Langford is a licensed and insured professional Salt Spring homebuilder. Audio Clip of the Radio Real Estate show interview with Salt Spring Contractor Nick Langford. Nick Langford Part 1 Nick Langford Part 2 This is a very informative … [Read more...]

Radio Real Estate show Benjamin Moore Paint

The CFSI Radio Real Estate show is a diverse radio show that tries to chat about all things real estate from homes to acreages.  One big part of owning a home is the paint.  It sounds so simple but it's not.  What you need is an expert in the field.  On Salt Spring Island we are lucky to have Clinton Hubenig from Benjamin Moore. Clinton is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about paint and in … [Read more...]

Eduard from Elements Home Design on the Radio Real Estate Show

Eduard Andringa from the Elements Home Design store on Salt Spring Island BC on the CFSI Radio Real Estate Show.  Eduard business specializes in green building supplies on Salt Spring.   They sell a wide range of products from flooring to environmentally friendly Zero VOC Yolo paint. Yolo has No carcinogens No reproductive toxins No mutagens No hazardous air pollutants No ozone … [Read more...]

The Bathroom intall/renovation Project on Salt Spring Island

The new Bathroom Install/Renovation Project on Salt Spring Island Bathrooms are probably the second most costly rooms in a home to put in. In the past (70s/80s) it was common to see one bathroom serve multiple bedrooms and possibly the entire home. Times have changed modern homes come with usually a ratio of more bathrooms than bedrooms. It is not uncommon to see 4 or more bathrooms in a home. … [Read more...]

Radio Real Estate show with Alex Denny Master Carpenter

Salt Spring Island Contractor Alex Denny has spent his life mastering his trade. Alex can be reached on twitter at and or at Alex's web site November 22, 2011 Radio Real Estate show with guest Alex Denny talking about Alberta real estate market and the Alberta Home Construction industry; RE Show Alex  Part1 RE Show Alex Part2     Salt Spring Radio … [Read more...]

Looking at Modular Homes on Vancouver Island

June and I had to go off Salt Spring Island and go to Vancouver Island yesterday to buy some wood for our new barn. We have a favorite mill we like to buy from directly. It's not a normal retail environment but an interesting experience. On the way home we stopped at Vancouver Island Modular homes to see what they have in stock. I have been there a few time but June had never been. We are not in … [Read more...]