The Bathroom install/renovation Project on Salt Spring Island

The new Bathroom Install/Renovation Project on Salt Spring Island

Bathrooms are probably the second most costly rooms in a home to put in. In the past (70s/80s) it was common to see one bathroom serve multiple bedrooms and possibly the entire home. Times have changed modern homes come with usually have a ratio of more bathrooms than bedrooms. It is not uncommon to see 4 or more bathrooms in a home. Usually, we see one per bedroom with a powder room for each floor. To bring a home up to modern standards one has to usually add a few bathrooms. Bathrooms are rather expensive to add to a home but to offset this cost one has to look at the overall increase in value they are adding to the home. IMO this is not money down the drain.

The bathroom install/reno featured in these videos and podcast was unused storage space in a basement of a Salt Spring home. The main problem with putting in this bathroom is the sewer lines are 6 feet above the basement floor. This made it necessary to put in a small septic tank and pump. This bathroom renovation project has given the homeowner a more practical walkout basement and increased the value of the home.

Overall it has cost the homeowner approx 10k. Once the project has finished I will see if Alex will give me a cost breakdown of this Reno project and post it here. In 2022 it would probably be 20k if you could get someone to do the reno for you.

CFSI Radio Real estate show about this Bathroom Reno project.

This Podcast is about 50 minutes long.

This is a rehash of an older post but plumbing changes little except for the price of doing it. If you have any questions do call or text.


Scott & June Simmons
The Salt Spring Team

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  1. “Classic Home Improvements renovated both of my bathrooms at the same time with new flooring, vanity tops, toilets, faucets and a custom barn door. Excellent results! Everyone was a pleasure to work with, professional, dependable and made it work with schedules and timelines. Awesome job! And they listen to their clients and work with you closely so that your design ideas come into fruition . They remodeled two bathrooms for me and they are simply stunning !!
    I would recommend them highly and would hire them again for a future project.
    Kudos to this team ;they are one of the best in the business.

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