Salt Spring Island Building trades

Salt Spring Building Trades and or Salt Spring Contractors or Salt Spring Construction this page is about building your home on Salt Spring.

If you are thinking of building your dream home on Salt Spring Islands this page is for you.

There are many steps to the building process. It all starts with an idea or dream and then you look at your budget. Hopefully, your dream home can be built within your budget.

Note to readers before you agree to hire someone ask them for a new WorkSafe BC clearance letter.  WorkSafe BC provides compensation benefits that are paid to workers if they suffer a work-related injury or disease on the job. Make sure everyone who comes on your property to work is in good standing with WorkSafe BC.  If they are not registered you could be liable.  Here is a brochure from WorkSafe BC on Renovation or Building your home homeowner WorkSafe BC

If you are going to build your own home you need to apply for owner-builder authorization from BC Homeowner Protection Office.  Here is the link to the Gov site

If you are going to hire a builder/construction company to build a new Salt Spring home for you make sure they are licensed builders and will be putting on the mandatory 3rd party home warranty insurance on the home.  Check to see if they are registered here Homeowner Protection Office BC.

Whatever you do GET IT IN WRITING Verbal contracts are not worth the paper they’re not written on Get it in Writing

You will need a CRD (Capital Regional District) building permit.  This CRD guild will tell you all about how to get a permit and when you will need one CRD building inspection guide

CRD office in Ganges
206 – 118 Fulford Ganges Road
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2S4
Tel: 250.537.2711 Fax: 250.537.9633
8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday

The Builder Lien Act  Provides a form of security to contractors, subcontractors, workers, and suppliers who work on a building that is under construction.  If you are building make sure you do the mandatory obligation to retain a 10% hold-back for the 55 days.  Builder Liens Info Sheet

home construction

Here are some local Salt Spring Island Builders and Salt Spring Island Architects to help you on your way with your dreams (this is just a reference list I do not represent these companies in any way):

Salt Spring Island Architects / Home Designers

Phillip Van Horn
251 Forest Ridge Road
Salt Spring Island, BC
Canada V8K 1W4
ph: 250.653.4809
fax: 250.653.4808
Phillip Van Horn design
email pvanhorn at

Shibui Design homes
Brent Baker
Tel 250-537-6097
Radio interview with Brent Baker Shibui Design

Salt Spring Engineering 

Davin Lewis P. Eng., P.E.
Workshop Engineers
236 800 6363 |
lewis  at

GT Engineering
Structural Engineering

Ryzuk Geotechnical
slope stability, shoreline revetments

Salt Spring Island construction companies or Salt Spring Island contractors

Nick Langford Construction Ltd.
General Contractor/designer Tel 250-537-6663
Radio show interview with Nick Langford

Terra Firma Builders Ltd.
Rammed Earth Builder
Tel 250-537-9355

Lighthouse Ventures
Mike Hunsberger
Tel 250-537-6698
Email lighthouse.michael @

Villadsen Construction Ltd.
General Contractor
John Villadsen
Tel 250-537-9857

Clifton Schooley & Associates
Rammed Earth Designers & Builders
Tel 250-653-2035

Island Marine Construction
Dock systems
Tel 250-537-9710

Salt Spring Island Building Supplies

Windsor Plywood
building supplies
Tel 250-537-5564

Mouat’s Home Hardware
Hardware, plumbing, paint, kitchens
Tel 250-537-5551
Radio interview with David from Mouat’s

Home Design Center
Flooring and wood stoves
Tel 250-537-2111
Radio interview with Chris from Home Design about wood stoves

Gulf Coast Materials
Ready-mix Concrete and Gravel
Tel 250-537-2611

Salt Spring Island Plumbers;

Gary Traer
Polaris Plumbing
Tel 250-537-4997
Fax 250-537-4956

Miller Plumbing
Max Miller
Tel 250-537-4850

Scott’s Plumbing and Heating
Scott Antonik
Tel 250-537-6358

Salt Spring Island electricians

FXR Systems Ltd.
residential alarms
Scott Cadenhead
Tel 250-537-4399
Fax 250-537-4366

McIntyre Electric Ltd.
Todd McIntyre
Tel 250-537-2392

Archer Electric
Andrew Archer
Tel 250-537-2246

Akerman Electric
Bob Akerman
Tel 250-537-8595

Salt Spring Island Drywall

Salt Spring Interiors
Brian Little
Tel 250-537-2590
Cell 250-537-7046

Precise Painting and Plaster
Neale Smith

Salt Spring Island Eavestroughing & Roofing

Kerrigan Roofing and Gutters
Matt Kerrigan
Tel 250-537-8579

Gulf Island Aluminum
Tom Woods
Tel 250-537-1501

Valcourt & Sons
Rene Valcourt

Salt Spring Island & Gulf Island Excavating Contractors

P.S. Excavating
Paul Smith
Tel 250-537-7946
rpsmitty59 (at) hotmail .com

Full-Scale Excavating
Tel 250-537-2650
Cell 250-537-7320

Ken Tara Excavating
Tel 250-653-9255

Ken Byron Excavating
The certified septic system installer
Tel 250-537-2882

All Island Septic
Rob Roodenburg
Tel 250-538-7867


Mike the Insulator
Tel 250-653-9522


Gulf Island Glass
Tel 250-537-4545

Kapa Kai Glass
Troy Kaye
Tel 250-653-4148
Radio Interview with Troy Interprovincial Journeymen Glazier

Hottub and Pool companies

AquaFun family pools & spas
Tel 800-496-2611

Crystal Blue Pool & Spa
Tel 250-537-2864

Gulf Island Pool & Spas
Holger Hermann
Tel 250-537-5147

Paint suppliers

Mouat’s and Windsor plywood listed above

Benjamin Moore & More
Tel 250-537-9736
Radio interview with Clint from Benjamin Moore Salt Spring

Water Wells


With offices on Vancouver Island and in the Interior, we’re the largest water well-drilling contractor in the province and have recently celebrated our 50th anniversary in business. We’re proud to have been one of the founding members of the BC Ground Water Association and to have had partners serving on the board in various technical and administrative capacities including the president of the association.

Drillwell operates modern, efficient, well-maintained equipment staffed by highly experienced drillers and helpers. The office is happy to provide information on existing and proposed wells free of charge (we’re able to pull up information on wells drilled by ourselves or others). In addition to constructing new wells, we re-develop and hydrofracture existing and close unused wells as per groundwater protection regulations.

We regularly provide water well-related services to the Gulf Islands and are able to offer very low mobilization rates. Please keep us in mind should you ever find yourself requiring a water well resource.

Best regards,

Colin Slade

4994 Polkey Road, Duncan, BC, V9L 6W3
T: (250) 746-5268 | F: (250) 746-8404 | T: (800) 746-7444 |

Permaculture Gardening

Planting Paradise
Nigel Kay
Tel number 250-510-8938
email info @

House Cleaners

‘Girls Gettin’ It Done’ specializes in cleaning, yard work, landscaping, and construction.

you can reach Josie at the following;
Tel number 2502174036
girlsgettinitdone @

I hope this small list is helpful in your quest to build your Salt Spring Island dream home.  If you want to chat about the building process we can have coffee and chat at any time.

I can help you find that perfect Salt Spring property to build on.  You need a Realtor that knows the basic of construction to find the perfect lot.   The wrong lot can become a money pit.   I have built three homes on Salt Spring.  One was a 601 sq ft cottage that I built totally by myself (including radiant in-floor heat that I designed and installed) and my present home that I totally renovated over a 3-year period.

I know construction from the foundations up call me and we can chat about your Salt Spring dream home.  Picture are of a home I built on Salt Spring in 2004 on Dukes Road.  I always wanted to build a home from start to finish.


Scott Simmons

Disclaimer  There are many fine tradespeople on Salt Spring Island. This is just a small list of Salt Spring Island tradespeople. I do not endorse or guarantee any of these tradespeople. It is up to you to check referrals, check their WorkSafe BC status, and hire the ones you like and feel comfortable with.

Note to contractors if you are not on this list please invite me to your job site and show me what you have done.  No one is automatically added to this page.