Salt Spring rental homes by the numbers

I get many people asking me about buying a rental home on Salt Spring and usually spend a lot of time answering all their questions.  So in this post, I hope to cover some of the factual information. Here are the typical questions and basic answers; What is the rental market like on Salt Spring?  As most know, but some do not, the vacancy rate on Salt Spring has been zero for about the … [Read more...]

Ban on Dual Agency BC

On June 15th, 2018 the ban on dual agency just came into effect in BC. Here is a post I wrote about how the new rules will change the way I do business on Salt Spring New Rules for BC Real Estate As a continuation of the New Rules post, what happens if we are driving around on Salt Spring and you want to see one of my listings? What about the ban on Dual … [Read more...]

New Rules for BC Real Estate

On the 15th of June 2018, the new rules governing BC real estate have come into effect. If you come to Salt Spring to look at homes and or land Scott will go over the form below and ask you if you would like agency representation and ask you to sign this Disclosure-of-Representation-in-Trading-Services as a represented part and then we can proceed to find your dream home. The other new thing … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island Trust Land Use Zoning bylaw 355

On Salt Spring Island the Island Trust is responsible for our local zoning.  You can find our zoning info here at the Salt Spring Island Trust LUB 355. The bylaw has maps that cover every part of the island.  Believe it or not every few months or so I get an email from someone saying they want to go somewhere where this is no zoning and go off grid.  I usually let them know they are about 40 years … [Read more...]

Is an offer an sale?

This last month I had an accepted offer on a home and had a backup offer come in.  The backup offer was a very weak offer because the condition precedent (subject to clause) was so subjective.  It was subject to the buyer viewing and liking the lot.  Normally no one would take an offer like this seriously but it was a backup and had just a 3 day subject time so it was accepted.  The conditions … [Read more...]

Buyer Beware Landmark court Ruling

The headlines were in the media about a month ago and this is something that keeps me up at night.  Especially this CRA to recover from the buyers the capital gains tax.  The other thing to note is this is just part of the trend of the federal government to bring in more taxes.  They are also going to be going after those that seem to claim various principal residences.  Here is the article from … [Read more...]

Discover, Decide and Disclose

Caveat Emptor is a Latin phrase that translates to "let the buyer beware"  but the sellers do not get off that easy in BC they still need to disclose Latent defects and the listing REALTOR® has to do pre-listing due diligence and make sure material latent defects are disclosed. Disclosure standards for the seller and the listing REALTOR®.  Are they different?  Yes, they are because the sellers … [Read more...]

Water Sustainability Act or new tax grab?

Staff from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) was on Salt Spring 18 Jan 2017 explaining the new Water Sustainability Act (WSA).  The WSA came into effect on the 29 Feb 2016.  The big changes that affect people on Salt Spring are the new licensing of groundwater (well water).  The new licenses will "run with the land" and basically be attached to the lot.  The … [Read more...]

Do I need a building permit?

I get this question all the time. Do you need a building permit to do a small reno on your Salt Spring home? Yes.  You will need a permit for basically any work on your home.  From the CRD office here is the official line; You will need a building permit whey you; A building permit is required before commencing: Site excavation or blasting Construction, repairing or altering a … [Read more...]

The haunted house! Do you need Ghostbusters?

This is something that comes up more that one would think on Salt Spring.  Over the last decade we have had more that few stigmatized homes come on the market.  One murder/suicide home and more than a few haunted homes.   This is a grey area of the law because how do you determine if the home is haunted it's so subjective.  It's not as if one can just call up the local Ghostbusters and have them … [Read more...]

Thinking of Buying raw Salt Spring land?

The other day I had coffee with Erin Bettger-Phillips from Island Saving and ask her to write up a little note that would explain why someone would go there for a mortgage on Salt Spring Island especially if one is thinking of buying land on Salt Spring. Here is her note; The difference a local perspective makes in Salt Spring’s real estate market Erin Bettger-Phillips Like any unique … [Read more...]

If you want a dock you will need a Foreshore Lease

A what? A Foreshore Leases.  What is a foreshore lease? and why do I need one if I want to put in a dock in front of my Salt Spring waterfront home? Here is the definition; Crown foreshore is, in basic terms, all land covered by either saltwater or freshwater. Almost all foreshore in British Columbia is owned by the province and can be tenured by way of Licence of Occupation, Lease, or … [Read more...]

The Property Disclosure Statement in BC

What is a PDS (property disclosure statement) and why you should anyone buying or selling Salt Spring real estate care.  If you are selling think of the PDS as your trusted friend.  Just like a trusted friend you can and should tell all to the PDS.   The PDS will be there with you if you get into a sticky situation selling.  If you have never seen one here is an actual PDS, please note there is no … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Incorporation News

Salt Spring Island is in the middle of an incorporation study.  Basically the study will look at the pros and cons of Salt Spring going from and unincorporated area into a municipality.   Here is a copy of the Preliminary report; 2015-10-30 SSI Incorporation Study Preliminary Report FINAL Today I went to the open house and taped the presentation for you, here it is; Nov … [Read more...]

Easements and Gazette roads

Had the pleasure of having Wayne from Edmonton over the other day out looking at land on Salt Spring and the conversation turned to Gazette roads and or easements.   It's an odd topic but one that comes up when buying a large rural lot.  One never really knows what they are getting unit one does a little digging.  The first thing you must know is a gazette road will not show up on a title search. … [Read more...]

Waterfront properties things to know

The latest issue of Legally speaking by the (BCREA)  British Columbia Real Estate Association is worth a read if you are looking at waterfront on Salt Spring Island. WHAT'S UP (WITH THE) DOCK? Waterfront properties with private docks are looking attractive at this time of the year, particularly with the weather we've been enjoying this summer. Licensees involved in the sale of such properties … [Read more...]

the Heritage Conservation Act

This article was just published by the BCREA and is worth reading if you are looking at buying on Salt Spring. The key is that these sites might not be registered on title. A simple title search might not guarantee there is not an archaeological site on the property. DEALING WITH HERITAGE SITES How many licensees are aware that the Heritage Conservation Act (HCA),1 which replaced the … [Read more...]

Unsubdivide-able land On Salt Spring

Last year there was a group of cabins for sale on the Salt Spring MLS.   Some of you might remember them.  I was just shocked when they were first listed.  I sent a letter to the managing broker of the company that had them listed and explained the land is in the ALR and that what they were doing was actually leasing the buildings without and interest in the land.  They changed their listing info … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Riparian Area bylaw

RIPARIAN AREAS RAR Salt Spring Island DPA 7 This is the second go around for this land use bylaw. The first time it was proposed as an island wide bylaw covering most of the watersheds. There was a massive push back from the residents of Salt Spring. This time around the Island Trust has mapped all of the steams/creaks/lakes. Here is the map that of the island with the new DPA 7 (Development … [Read more...]

What to do?

As lots of you know I like to find out about ever thing pertaining to Salt Spring real estate. Especially if it's for sale. I have been working on putting up a few new web site pages up on some of the various developments on Salt Spring over the last few weeks. Maybe you have checked out one of the pages like this one Bishops Walk Salt Spring. What I have been doing is visiting the developments … [Read more...]