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Salt Spring Island CEDC

Tonight the Salt Spring Island CEDC (Community Economic Development Commission), which is a sub committee of the CRD (Capitol Regional District),  put on an information night on what they have been doing for the last 3 years or so.  This pdf will explain local Salt Spring local government organizations; Salt Spring Island Local Governance Below is a recording of the main presentation.  The first … [Read more...]

What to do?

As lots of you know I like to find out about ever thing pertaining to Salt Spring real estate. Especially if it's for sale. I have been working on putting up a few new web site pages up on some of the various developments on Salt Spring over the last few weeks. Maybe you have checked out one of the pages like this one Bishops Walk Salt Spring. What I have been doing is visiting the developments … [Read more...]

I took the day off

It was so nice to get a day off.  No cell phone (I did have my tablet with maps loaded), no text not even an email.  I went exploring. Out for a hike on Salt Spring Island. It was a no trail off track ramble.  I have wanted to go and check out the rock grinder of Salt Spring.  It's the spot where the 60 million year old Nanaimo glacial till (cretaceous) meets the 200 million year old lava … [Read more...]