Merchant Mews

Merchant Mews (Strata 4561)  is a commercial strata at the corner of Upper Ganges and Robinson Road.  Most of the units have a unique look, size and feel.  Link to their website.

Here is an article about Merchant Mews that was on Salt Spring news Jan 2001; Musing on the Merchants’ Mews _ Salt Spring News

Here is the original developer’s disclosure statement from 2001; Merchant Mews disclosure statement

Here is a copy of the Strata Plan; Strata plan Merchant Mews

The zoning is C6.  Only one unit has a legal live-in suite.   See Island trust bylaw 355 for zoning. commercial zoning from bylaw 355  Please note commercial bylaws are going to be reviewed by the Local Trust Committee (LTC) in the near future. Here is a letter sent to the LTC by the strata corp letter to trust about zoning.  On 16 Oct 2014 the proposed new C6 (a) zoning was given its first reading;  proposed C6 (a)


Scott & June Simmons
The Salt Spring Team