Why is it so hard to find the perfect Salt Spring home?

our old family home

After WW11 the baby boom started. Thousands of young men returned home and started families and all these families needed homes. Every city in North America responded and let developers build track homes or subdivision homes. Boxes that could be put up fast and cheap. Lots of subdivisions are built by one developer who uses one architect and usually has 5 or 6 standard designs that they build. Usually, every street is a combination of the same homes in different orders, or maybe a few built as mirror images, you get the point you have all seen this. It is everywhere… except Salt Spring. That’s right no track homes, no real subdivisions, no standard homes. The beauty of the subdivisions is that they are linked in homes but also in price ranges. This makes buying in a city fairly easy if you know your price range, check out the suburb that is in that range, pick the box you like, look for a deal and buy… so easy. Photos are our old suburb home Coquitlam. Look at the price my father paid 46k.

Salt Spring is not so easy, no suburbs, no box homes, no standard price range, and no two homes on the same street are even close to each other. Then add to that a topography that has every possible description from hillside to waterfront. Then ad builders who were smoking weed in the 70s. Then ad streets were laid out by farmers walking from farm to farm. Just to shake things up add in a bunch of zillionairs and a few out of luck poor folk, mix in a couple of double wides, then through in the Island Trust zoning and… mix it all up, shake it up and you get our little Salt Spring Island. Why is it hard to buy here? It’s just not a normal place if you call cities and suburbia normal. No Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore we’re on Salt Spring Island and on Salt Spring you never know what is going to be around the next corner. A castle of a double wide… The adventure of buying on Salt Spring.
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Scott & June Simmons
The Salt Spring Team

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