Salt Spring home face lift

My clients bought this dated salt spring home a month ago and are upgrading it.  The home was built in 1996 and is structurally 100% perfect.  It seams as if the original owner skimped on the finishing.   The main up grade Alex Denny (salt spring master carpenter) will be doing for the owners is re-finishing the oak hardwood floors.

Audio clip about home face lift
Part 1 Home Face lift
Part 2 Home face lift

The second biggest part of this up grade will be painting the 4400sq ft of wall space.

The overall effect of this (approx 30-40K) face lift will be the owner will have a modern updated home. The money they spend will be an investment they can use.  They were fortunate to buy a home that needed some work and bought at what I would consider below market price.  They bucked the trend and bought one of the homes that fall in the 90% group of Salt Spring homes that need work.

This seems to be the best spot to look for deals. With 90% of the buyers clamouring over 10% of the Salt Spring homes that are in mint shape it pays to look at the Salt Spring homes are structurally perfect but just need a face-lift. Salt Spring home construction and or renos don’t have to be complicated if you have a good structure to start with it can be really easy and rewarding.


The Face lift on the floors;

Final Video of the finished Salt Spring home;

Scott Simmons

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