Aggregate Days on the Market

What are “aggregate days on the market”?

On the Victoria Real Estate board an agent can “Re-List” a property for a mere $25 fee.  An example would be if a home has been listed on the board for 180 days the listing can be taken off the market and then “Re-Listed” and appear to be a new listings with zero days on the market.   This can be very misleading and a listing agent would be telling the truth if they told a potential buyer it was a new listing.

Here is how a Re Listed home looks on the PCS system:




Lots of Real Estate boards through out the USA do not let agent “Re-List” properties. They have a simple system of showing total “Aggregate Days on the Market”. Aggregate Days on the market would show the total number of days a home has been listed by the seller even if they switch listing agents.

For more on Re Listing please see Re Listing page here.

Scott Simmons

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