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the Heritage Conservation Act

This article was just published by the BCREA and is worth reading if you are looking at buying on Salt Spring. The key is that these sites might not be registered on title. A simple title search might not guarantee there is not an archaeological site on the property. DEALING WITH HERITAGE SITES How many licensees are aware that the Heritage Conservation Act (HCA),1 which replaced the … [Read more...]

Jasper Gem rocks on Salt Spring Island

I have always been a bit of a rockhound and always wanted to find the Jasper outcrop on Salt Spring Island.   Travel writer Rich Hudson gives an excellent account of finding the Jasper deposit on Salt Spring.  Rick Hudson - travel writer and author pdf  Here is the link to his site.  The location of the 100m by 10m seam is not easy to find everyone seems to give vague locations.  So I would hate … [Read more...]

Perfect day for a hike

I have been planning to hike both Mt Tuam trails for a while and since I had to drive my son to work for 8am I thought today would be the day.  The weather this winter has been so mild that I knew there would be little to no snow up on top of Mt Tuam.  Here is the trail map I downloaded for the trip;  Mt Tuam.  By the time I found the trail head it was 9am.  Glad I left home early, with one little … [Read more...]