Salt Spring Riparian Area bylaw


This is the second go-around for this land use bylaw. The first time it was proposed as an island-wide bylaw covering most of the watersheds. There was a massive pushback from the residents of Salt Spring. This time around the Island Trust has mapped all of the steams/creaks/lakes.

Here is the map of the island with DPA 7 (Development Permit Area) on it.

If a home you are looking at is in the area there will be no impact until you want to do something ie renovate or add on but if it’s vacant land and you want to build there will be a big impact. At that point you would need to follow the proposed new bylaw; ss-bl-480-2nd-reading

It’s surprising how many buyers do not check the property for DPA and find out after the fact.


Scott & June Simmons
The Salt Spring Team

1 thought on “Salt Spring Riparian Area bylaw”

  1. I remember this… Within an hour or so, the whole island had heard the news. The islands trust had to change of venue a few times to accommodate. I’m sorry to say this but the original proposed bylaw was totally despicable because I know for a fact and many other contractors did too, that some of the Island trust members didn’t mind disturbing natural or having materials brought in from off Island in order to have their properties developed before proposing this new bylaw years ago. That does sound much better for everybody

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