Property Price History

The price history of any Salt Spring home and or Salt Spring lot you are thinking of buying is critical information.

It is like flying blind not knowing the price history of a Salt Spring property.

Here is an image of what a Real Estate agent sees about a property.

As you can see this property has been listed 5 times on the Victoria Real Estate board. It has sold twice while listed.

Apparently the last time it sold it was reported to be sold at 550k. However to confirm this data one has to look at the tax role info.

As you can see from the tax role info there was another sale in 2008 for 705k. And yes the 550k selling price in March 2011 is confirmed.

To buy a Salt Spring home you need information. As your Salt Spring Island Real Estate agent I will provide you with the price history information.


Scott & June Simmons
The Salt Spring Team

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