Shepherd Hills Road lots


There is a new proposed Salt Spring subdivision coming to Mt Maxwell area on Shepherds Hill Road.  There will be 6 lots in the Salt Spring development.  Here is the public information on the Salt Spring Island subdivision; www.islandstrust.bc.ca_media_286812_ss-ltc-agd-pkg-2014-10-16


I was up there the other day looking over the area and knew this development would be coming up at the trust soon.  Again this is just public informational not advertising of lots for sale. This information is to keep my readers informed about all Salt Spring real estate if it’s for sale or not.


Scott Simmons


Please note REALTORS® may only advertise a property if such Advertising has not been restricted at the request of the Seller and is in accordance with provincial and federal regulations. This page is not an advertisement of current listed properties it’s an information page about a Salt Spring development.   All information on this page is deemed public information.