Section 9 trap there is always something

The section 9 trap is another reason why you need an experienced REALTOR© who knows all the finer points of the contract of purchase and sale.  Especially on Salt Spring when so many of our titles are encumbered by so many non-financial charges.  An example can be a building scheme or a NAPTEC covenant. To make sure our clients have a legally binding contract of purchase and sale we are going … [Read more...]

Packing Tips for Busy Home Sellers

Packing correctly can simplify the burden of the entire process for a household and potentially their moving company. By packing smart, using proper protocols, and paying attention to the details, things can be ready to go far before the movers arrive and ready to unload upon arrival. Here are some tips for busy home sellers to ease the packing and moving process. Get Rid of the Junk and Organize … [Read more...]

The Property Disclosure Statement in BC

What is a PDS (property disclosure statement) and why you should anyone buying or selling Salt Spring real estate care.  If you are selling think of the PDS as your trusted friend.  Just like a trusted friend you can and should tell all to the PDS.   The PDS will be there with you if you get into a sticky situation selling.  If you have never seen one here is an actual PDS, please note there is no … [Read more...]

add a stairlift

As a REALTOR® I know first hand the difficulty of selling and moving. It might be easier to reno your home than to move to a one level living home. If your steps have become a major challenge it might be time to think about a stairlift. I had always wanted to see one first hand and Patrick has just installed a state of the art stairlift system on Salt Spring. For more info call Patrick … [Read more...]

Salt Spring EnerGuide

Home Energy Rating Did you know you can get an EnerGuide rating for your home?  A high rating on the EnerGuide scale signifies an energy efficient home. I was surprised that you could get an EnerGuide rating for a house.  And now the Victoria Real Estate Board will let agents put the EnerGuide rating on the MLS®.  On January 6, 2010, a home here, on Salt Spring Island, BC, received the first … [Read more...]

How to sell Salt Spring Real Estate

How to Sell your Salt Spring Home To sell your house first we need to define our terms; Marketing is the process associated with promotion for sale of goods or services. Merchandising means maximizing merchandise sales using product design, selection, packaging, pricing, and display that stimulates consumers to spend more. This is a very powerful quote by Paco Underhill in his book … [Read more...]

Homeowners Protection Office Question Is a home on the MLS® an Invitation to treat or offer for sale?

On Monday 5 March 2012 I received a stern call from the Homeowners Protection office demanding I pull one of my listing off the MLS®. She said I was breaking the law and had to comply with the law asap. Listing don't grow on trees, it takes a lot of hours to put one up, I wanted more info on the reasons why I had to give up a listing. This is what I found out about the Homeowners Protection Act … [Read more...]

Talk to the Experts Radio Show on CKNW 98

I was invited to go on the "talk to the experts" Radio show on CKNW 98.   CKNW is one of the biggest radio station in Vancouver. I was hopping to get Salt Spring into the conversation as much as possible. The host of the "Talk to the Experts" show is Ian Power On this clip you will hear Ian Baily founder of One Percent Realty and myself. talk to the Expert Radio Show … [Read more...]

Selling on Salt Spring? What do we charge?

Commissions As of Jan 1st, 2018 we now charge the following; Full-Service MLS® Only $7,950 (Homes over $700,000 1% + $950) $3,500 to listing agent / $3,500 to buyer’s agent $950 expense fee at closing $7,950 TOTAL How much do I charge to sell your Salt Spring Island house? Just 1% plus $900 a disbursement fee or if your house sells for over $700 thousand.   If your home sells for less than $700k … [Read more...]

Salt Spring home Staging tips

Simple home staging tips to sell your Salt Spring Island Home. Download a free copy of my "how to sell your home" printed report how to sell printed brochure One of the worst ways to sell is to sell an empty home. Tour of the house without light on; Tour of staged house with light on; Staging tips; Check out whats available at costco to stage your home to sell If … [Read more...]

How to sell your home in any Real Estate market

As a Salt Spring Island real estate agent the first question I usually get from anyone is "how is the market doing". I usually say the same answer "great". Home are always selling in all markets. If the market is hot or cold it really does not mater if you are selling. If your home is very poorly turned out it will not sell. Some homes just sit and sit, some for years. There are two main … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island new year on a small real estate up swing

It looks like the new year is off with a bang as far as Salt Spring Island real estate is concerned. With 6 new sales and with one coming in over 1.5mil. The home that sold at over 1.5 was IMO not a good home and way over priced. My friend had rented the home for 6 months and really thought it was a poor home. Just goes to show that every once in a while someone will buy a dog. Good luck with … [Read more...]

BC Building code Changes for 2010

BC Building Code changes for 2010 As of Feb 1st, 2010, the BC Building Code has been changed; 1) the consideration of potential for slope instability and its consequences at a building site becomes an explicit requirement in designs of structures and their foundations, and 2) the seismic hazard probability level to be used in the consideration, particularly in assessment of seismic slope … [Read more...]