If you want a dock you will need a Foreshore Lease

A what? A Foreshore Leases.  What is a foreshore lease? and why do I need one if I want to put in a dock in front of my Salt Spring waterfront home? Here is the definition; Crown foreshore is, in basic terms, all land covered by either saltwater or freshwater. Almost all foreshore in British Columbia is owned by the province and can be tenured by way of Licence of Occupation, Lease, or … [Read more...]

Boat camping in Gulf Islands British Columbia

My son Keith and I just made it home after action packed 4 days / 3 nights of exploring and touring the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.  We took basic camping gear and our trusty small 14 foot Caribe RIB (rigid inflatable boat) with a Yamaha 60 hp motor on it.  I grew up on the west coast where my father had worked as a mariner on the steam ships going from Vancouver to Prince Rupert and all … [Read more...]

Kayaking in the local area around Salt Spring Island

As part of my 1000km challenge in 2012 I have mixed up my routine from just walking/hiking and have incorporating kayaking. The local waters around Salt Spring are just so amazing with so many unreal places to go to. Over the last few week I have taken my old kayak on numerous adventures. The area around Wallace Island is just so fascinating. On my trip there I encountered a pod of dolphins, a … [Read more...]

Round Salt Spring Island yacht Race

The annual May long weekend round Salt Spring Island race is one not to miss on the west coast of British Columbia. Usually over 100 Sailboats from all over British Columbia and Washington State race in the annual Round Salt Spring Island race put on by the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club. The Commodore, can be proud of all the members that helped out with the multitude of jobs to make this event … [Read more...]

Saltspringer goes to the Toronto Boat Show

I just happened to be away from my beloved Salt Spring Island and in Toronto last week and took in the Toronto Boat Show. For a small town Saltspringer it was fantastic show with so many boats one place I could not possibly count them all. Lots and Lots of little bow riders and similar lake type boats but some big cruisers and a few bigger sail boats. I managed to find a new book Coincidence and … [Read more...]

International One Meter (IOM) Canadian Sailing Championship races at the Salt Spring Island Sailing club

The International One Meter (IOM) Canadian Sailing Championship was on a June weekend at the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club. There are sailors from all over North America here to race. The boats are technically very sophisticated and complex (they are not toy boats). If they where full size boats it would be as if we where hosting the America Cup. The Salt Spring Island sailing club has … [Read more...]

Hot Rum Yacht Race Salt Spring Island Sailing Club

Ganges BC Salt Spring Island Sailing Club Hot Rum Race The annual New Year's Day Hot Rum Race was another success and kicked off Salt Spring Island Sailing Club racing season. The new Fleet Captain (racing) Greg Slakov had us all guessing with the reverse handicap Le Mans start. It was a little hectic on the club breakwater before the start with skippers prepping their Salt Spring crews. Jeremy … [Read more...]

Ben Mohr yacht race Salt Spring Island Sailing Club

Ben Mohr Rock Race on January 21 (weather temperatures in Edmonton -3, Toronto -5), on Salt Spring our little bit of paradise it was a glorious +6, light winds, no rain. A perfect day for the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club's annual Ben Mohr Rock (we actually try not to hit the rock but just go around it, that is the theory any way) race. 11 boats started the race this morning but only 10 … [Read more...]

McMillan yacht race Salt Spring Island Sailing Club

McMillan Race February. The local Salt Spring Island racing fleet was delighted with the 2-5 knot wind for the start of the McMillan Trophy race. The wind was moving directly along the start line, resulting in a beam reach for the first leg of the race(not the most exciting wind direction but fast). The gun sounded and the boats were off. Unfortunately there was a little mishap between Tony … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island Sailing club Bas Cobanli Race

Another fabulous Sunday in April was Salt Spring Island Sailing Club's annual Bas Cobanli Memorial Trophy Race. At the skipper’s meeting, Roger Kibble gave us a brief account of Bas and his boat Haereticus. Roger said he was a very competitive racer who always gave his all. In his honour we raced today. The race had to be delayed 30 minutes because of lack of wind but then it came up and we where … [Read more...]

Portland Island / Moresby Island yacht race

Salt Spring Island sailing club annual Portland /Moresby Race was held on Sunday April 15. The forecast was for light wind, which was worrisome, as the race around Portland and Moresby Islands (which are located off of Swartz Bay and Fulford Harbour) is one of the longest on the calendar at over 26 nautical miles. The pre-race meeting was something all Saltspringers can relate to. It all started … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island sailing club spring Regatta

Salt Spring Island sailing club Spring Regatta. With just the power of the wind as the driving force six sail boats and crews competed in the annual Salt Spring Island Sailing Club Spring Regatta. Polar fleece and wool topped with waterproof outer shell were the dress of the day. When a race is held it is not subject to weather conditions - a lack of wind is the only reason for cancellation. This … [Read more...]

Round Prevost Island yacht race Salt Spring Island Sailing Club

Round Prevost Island yacht Race put on by the Salt Spring Island sailing club. Sunny, warm and light winds made Sunday March 4th the perfect day for the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club annual Round Prevost Island Race (one of the gulf islands privately owned I'm banned from life from there but that is another story). The nice thing about sailing here is you get to see all the nice Salt Spring … [Read more...]

Canadian Optimist Dinghy Championship

Thomas and Keith Simmons from Salt Spring Island raced in this great event. It was held at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club and had many dignitaries in attendance the elaborate opening ceremonies welcomed competitors from Bermuda, New Zealand, United States, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia and even little Saltspring Island. There were about 100 racers registered for the … [Read more...]

Swiftsure International Yacht Race

Swiftsure International Yacht Race. Just the name Swiftsure makes a west coast sailor's heart start to pound. This is one of the premier races on the BC/Washington coast. It is not just a yacht race, it is an event, it is a adventure, it is a quest, it is a reunion, it pushes the average sailors beyond what they would normally do. Why would 5 men cram into a small 30 foot sailboat and sail against … [Read more...]

Round Salt Spring Island yacht Race

What a time what a race. 117 boat of all types where registered for the round Salt Spring race. However being totally bias there is one boat type in particular that I'm gong to report on. It is billed out as " The Martin 242 is a 24-foot, high performance, family-oriented day racer and weekender" and let me tell you on this race it lived up to it's billing and it's reputation as A Wolf in Wolf's … [Read more...]

Round Salt Spring Island yacht race count down

The count down to the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club round salt spring race is stressful. The list of to do's is not getting shorter. Tonight we where to pull of the practice head sail and put on the tape drive. Will do it in the am. On Monday I pulled the boat out of the water using the crane in town. I thought I would work with the tides and showed up at 6am and put it on the hook and went for … [Read more...]

Single handed race around Pender Island a Salt Spring Island Sailing Club race

A tranquil March Saturday morning on Ganges harbour was interrupted with the blast of an air horn that signified 5 minutes until the start of the two day round Pender island single handed race. 11 boats jockeyed for position on the line and waited for the final horn and were off. It was a slow start with light winds off the line. The wind picked up in captains passage with electra out front … [Read more...]

Our new boat Boomer Martin 242

With the destruction of our beloved Strawberry Express we went on a quest to find a new boat and found Boomer. Boomer is a martin 242. It is a 24 foot long fractional rig that is fun to sail and race. The martin can be raced in a one design class http://www.m242.bc.ca/ or against other sailboats with the PHRF ratting system. Boomer rates in at 168 with is a higher handicap than Strawberry … [Read more...]

Round Salt Spring Island Yacht Race the end of my Strawberry Express (Kirby30)

Yes it was a great last sail but unfortunately Strawberry's (Kirby 30) last sail. The race was going great. June and I had decided that we would sail the race double handed without the spinnaker. If the conditions where right this would give us a big advantage in the race. Sometimes you end up sailing up hill against the wind all the way around the island. The extra 15 seconds on our PHRF handicap … [Read more...]