Does the home get sunlight?

If you’re planning to live on Salt Spring year-round, one of the most important things to consider when buying a property is SUNLIGHT. Do the neighbor’s trees or a mountain block the sun during the winter months?  According to Salt Spring real estate mythology, “If they buy in August, they will list in November and sell in December.”  Unfortunately, this myth is sad, but true.  The long dark … [Read more...]

Market Report

Salt Spring Island real estate was a buyers’ market from late 2008 until spring/summer of 2015. The low of the market was probably 2012/13. Since 2015 Salt Spring has been a sellers’ market with prices trending up. The main source of buyers on Salt Spring has been buyers from the Vancouver area. Below are the Salt Spring Real Estate statistics; Please note: the median of a set of numbers is … [Read more...]

PCS Client Account

If you have any problems logging in please email me at or call 250-538-8316 If you would like to demo PCS put in this User name DEMO1 password 7416 Take it for a test drive now. Link to Scott's Critical Buying info link. How to buy Salt Spring property Radio show How to buy SSI RE Test Drive the Advanced search system (PCS) User name DEMO1 password … [Read more...]

Aggregate Days on the Market

What are "aggregate days on the market"? On the Victoria Real Estate board an agent can "Re-List" a property for a mere $25 fee.  An example would be if a home has been listed on the board for 180 days the listing can be taken off the market and then "Re-Listed" and appear to be a new listings with zero days on the market.   This can be very misleading and a listing agent would be telling the … [Read more...]

Mortgage docs public info

Did you know mortgage documents are public information.  If you are buying Salt Spring real estate and are trying to figure out what to offer would it not be nice to know what the seller owes on the place? The mortgage documents that are registered on title will only tell you the size of the mortgage when it registered on title.  Not the current balance but it will show you the term and … [Read more...]

Property Price History

The price history of any Salt Spring home and or Salt Spring lot your are thinking of buying is critical information. It is be like flying blind not knowing the price history of a Salt Spring property. Here is an image of what a Real Estate agent see about a property. As you can see this property has been listed 5 times on the Victoria Real Estate board. It has sold twice while … [Read more...]

Advanced Salt Spring MLS® (PCS)

If you are going to buy a Salt Spring Island home and/or Salt Spring property you should sign up for the free Private Client Services (PCS) system.  Every second the PCS database updates information about new listings and the prices on homes that have sold.  PCS can be used as your own private database.  For instance, you can set the search criteria to display homes or properties within a … [Read more...]