Salt Spring Island Fire / Rescue Election News

The results are in and with only 174 votes cast we have re elected the same three trustees.  Over this term the board will have to make the decision to go ahead with the new 2-4milion dollar Salt Spring  fire hall.  I really do not think the general public on Salt Spring is following this story and will react after that fact.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Will try to keep … [Read more...]

Save Our Surgery at Lady Minto Hospital on Salt Spring Island BC

Today I received a call from another Salt Spring Island real estate agent Phyllis Bolton from Pemberton Homes about her cause which is the Save Our Surgery group. The first question I had for Phyllis is what can I do to help the cause. Phyllis is a well respected person on Salt Spring and if there was anything I could do I would do it. As the conversation went along I asked her if they were on … [Read more...]

Radioactive Uranium ship goes past Salt Spring Island

Apparently there is no danger but what would you expect to hear. How about this "Leaking ship slugs past Salt Spring Island and ooses uranium into local water". Apparently the gov Regulators have boarded the ship and are trying to figuring out how to handle a spill of radioactive material in the ship's hold. I wonder if they gave them the old "WE ARE WITH THE GOVERNMENT AND HERE TO HELP" This … [Read more...]