Salt Spring Land report

There is no shortage of Salt Spring land. Officially there is 182.7 square kilometers (70.5 sq mi) of Salt Spring land. Did you know Salt Spring is bigger than Vancouver? Anyone that says that the Island trust is against development should read the land use planning bylaw ssbylbaselu0355. Salt Spring is approximately halfway to build out. At this point, the low hanging fruit has been developed and … [Read more...]

Sub 500k (low end) Salt Spring Real Estate

The sub $500K (low end) has been selling at a fast pace.  Available rentals have become far and few between over the last year few years.  Potential renters are purchasing properties because there are basically no homes to rent.   Construction workers had been the primary buyers of low end, fixer-upper homes.  With a building boom of new homes happening, lots of construction workers have come back … [Read more...]

Plus 900k Salt Spring Real Estate

The plus $900k (high end) range of Salt Spring real estate had an abundance of homes on the market (approx 80 or so) from 2008 until about 2015.  In 2015 30 high-end homes sold and then in 2016 33 sold.   Most of this movement in the high end has been a result of the Vancouver market taking off from buyers from China buying up homes there.   Most of the sales on Salt Spring were from people moving … [Read more...]

Sold homes 2011

Here is a list of all the 147 Sold homes on Salt Spring Island in 2011. Note to reader the address have been omitted due to complaints in the past. 141 Homes sold on the Victoria Real Estate board and 6 on the Vancouver Real Estate Board. 2011 Market Update The homes below were sold on the Vancouver Real Estate Board. … [Read more...]

Market Statistics 1997-2011

Market Statistics for Salt Spring Island Real Estate. These Salt Spring Island real estate stats are compiled from data provided via the Victoria Real Estate board only. Private sales and or properties on other boards are not included in these Salt Spring real estate stats.  Here is the list of the 2011 sold homes. 2011 Market Update The Days on the Market Statistics are skewed … [Read more...]

Market outlook for 2011

In 2011 I suspect we will see market activity in and around this same levels as 2010. The Salt Spring real estate market is basically 4 separate markets 1+million, 600k-900k middle, the low end sub 500k and building lots. I suspect the high end 1 plus million dollar homes will see the biggest price drops. If a home sat on the market through the peak of 2007 and did not sell, it wont sell in … [Read more...]