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Discover, Decide and Disclose

Caveat Emptor is a Latin phrase that translates to "let the buyer beware"  but the sellers do not get off that easy in BC they still need to disclose Latent defects and the listing REALTOR® has to do pre-listing due diligence and make sure material latent defects are disclosed. Disclosure standards for the seller and the listing REALTOR®.  Are they different?  Yes, they are because the sellers … [Read more...]

Candidate for Regional Director CREA

I'm running for the position of board member Regional Director for BC for the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).  Below is my official platform after edits suggested by CREA lawyers. My name is Scott Simmons. I’m a REALTOR® on Salt Spring Island BC. If you go to the site and put in Salt Spring Island BC on the “find a REALTOR®” tab you will not find me. Even though I have been … [Read more...]