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Unsubdivide-able land On Salt Spring

Last year there was a group of cabins for sale on the Salt Spring MLS.   Some of you might remember them.  I was just shocked when they were first listed.  I sent a letter to the managing broker of the company that had them listed and explained the land is in the ALR and that what they were doing was actually leasing the buildings without and interest in the land.  They changed their listing info … [Read more...]

Salt Spring’s new SSIWPA PAC

If you live on Salt Spring you have to get used to all the acronyms.  If you have not heard of SSIWPA it's because it's new.   SSIWPA stands for Salt Spring Island WaterShed Protection Authority.  Today  was the first meeting of the SSIWPA PAC (Public Advisory Committee). The ideal behind SSIWPA is that it will coordinate gov agencies in the protection of the watershed and lakes of Salt … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Riparian Area bylaw

RIPARIAN AREAS RAR Salt Spring Island DPA 7 This is the second go around for this land use bylaw. The first time it was proposed as an island wide bylaw covering most of the watersheds. There was a massive push back from the residents of Salt Spring. This time around the Island Trust has mapped all of the steams/creaks/lakes. Here is the map that of the island with the new DPA 7 (Development … [Read more...]

Salt Spring local election news

Salt Spring will be having a local election on the 15 of November 2014.  There will be 2 trustees for the island trust elected and one CRD director.   If you would like to know the lay out of local government here is an excellent organization chart. Salt Spring Island Local Governance  Basically the Island Trust does local zoning and land use via bylaws and the CRD handles water, sewer and … [Read more...]