WordPress drop in last night on Salt Spring was a success

Last night I hosted Salt Spring Island’s first free mini wordpress drop in for beginners through intermediate and it was a big success. I thought there would be more people at the beginner level but it turned out everyone had a site and needed coaching. One site should take off at this point. The web master is a volunteer with a rather large salt spring organization. She was given the job and has revived no training. Last night we managed to get through all of her main problems. Such as the “home” page destination problem she was having. It is very simple but if you can not find the right area to look in it can be a pain. I also showed her all the creative common photos on Flicker. She was ecstatic.

So next Thursday night on Salt Spring Island part 2 of the mini wordpress drop in at 6pm until 8pm at Dagwoods. Hopefully we can do more on social media. So I have one week to get my tweeter site up and running. No problem. Tweet tweet.

Cheers Scott

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