Salt Spring homes Up to 500k

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This is a Reciprocity (IDX) search (note to the reader; not all Salt Spring Real Estate companies reciprocate their Salt Spring MLS® listings) to view all the Salt Spring MLS® listings please sign in to one of Scott’s two VOW systems.

VOW stands for “Virtual Office Website” or “Virtual Open House”
A VOW is where the public can enter their contact information, get a password, describe property interest, and then conduct searches of all available Salt Spring Island MLS® listings.

A VOW website is a business site whereas a Reciprocity (IDX ) site is an advertising site.
A VOW real estate site allows Scott to give his site visitors more powerful access to MLS data it’s like a virtual Open House.

Scott offers two different VOW systems one is the Virtual Open House PCS and the new mobile-friendly system provided by myRealPages if you are using your phone and or tablet this is the system for you.

If you have any question you can text Scott at 2505388316 direct or use the text box below and or email Scott
The two systems are free to use it’s like going to an Open House but your going virtually and getting general real estate info with no strings attached.



  1. Michele Hooge says

    Hi Scott,

    Have a question for you… what does “Registered” and “Deregistered” mean in regards to a mobile/modular home? And what are the by-laws on the Gulf Islands if purchasing these type of homes? For example home insurance. I heard if you have a wood stove in a mobile/modular home it is very difficult to purchase home insurance.

    Many thanks

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