The Salt Spring Island Blossom festival

June and I slipped off the farm Sunday afternoon with Passport in hand and no kids. It was fun to tour the island and not look at Real Estate. We managed to go to 6 places and get our stickers for our passport. We went to Fraser Thimble Farm, Plant Farm, Foxglove Farm and Garden Supplies, a well deserved coffee and muffin at TJ Beans, Salt Spring Air and then a final stop at Harbour House Hotel. Sorry we did not make it to Moonstruck Organic Cheese, I really had a cheese craving. I had wanted to make it to Apple Luscious Organic Orchard and see Harry Burton in regards to this years apple festival. At the Harbour house we did manage to make it to end of the lecture about making a Japanese garden. Too bad we missed most of it.

On Monday I received a call from the prize committee we won a prize. How cool is that. We did not manage to make it to the Peace Park on Saturday or the concert on Friday. Life is so busy on this little rock with; social engagements, work, kids and what not. We were happy on our little tour on the Blossom Festival. I was actually a little get away for us. We never seem to have time to just hang out and smell the Blossoms. Thanks Salt Spring Island Blossom Festival. Next year we will try and make it to all the Salt Spring blooms venues. Anyone who thinks Salt Spring is a sleepy little island might be in for a shock. The island is busy busy and there is always something going on.

Cheers Scott

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