The day the boat sank in St Mary Lake on Salt Spring Island BC

What a joy seeing someone with a new (new to them) sailboat out for the first sail. The smiles the fun of it all. Yes a new Flying Junior was sailing on the St Mary lake with a unnamed skipper and family on board. Two small children 2-4 years old. All went find a quick sail out on the lake and back to the dock.

Then came the hey Scott you want to go out on it. The fool I am, I have never turned down a sail. The winds where light 5 knot with gust up to 8 knot. Perfect for a nice afternoon of sailing, the unnamed skipper is very new to sailing so I took over the helm. I just cant help it. I wanted to see how it will sail and point out some of the finer points of sailing. Well things went fine, I did notice that the flotation seats where a little soft. The tiller and the boom where in contact when tacking and other that that it sailed OK. It would take a few hours to tune it up and it would be fine. So I handed over the rains.

At first things where fine until we had a slight wind shift and gust and we did a accidental tack and over we went. No big deal right, wrong the boat just started to gurgle and bubble she was not going to come up. We where on the side standing on the keel trying to get it to come up but there was no way. It just started to sink and down she went. We only had one life jacket and tied it to the main sheet so we could dive on it and find it. There we where in the middle of the lake boat less. Luckily two power boaters (electric motors) came to our rescue. So did my eldest son Keith and his friend Jeff in the canoe.

We manged to pull the boat up to the surface and the power boats towed us to the closes dock. The owner of the dock was the guy in one of the boat and once we had the boat close to the dock he produced a nice electric pump and pumped the boat out and it was afloat again.

To this point the boat has no name I’m pushing for “Resurrected” I think it is a fitting name. I’m just so glad it did not go down with the kids on board. So I’m headed back to the lake with a can of epoxy and some fiberglass mat and we are going to make the “flotation” tanks air tight.

Messing around in boat is what summer is all about.

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