Sunday afternoon hike up Mt. Erskine Salt Spring Island

Keith, Rex, Lucas and I were headed out for a little walk at about two Sunday afternoon when Keith said “lets go up Mt Erskine”. I was not really to thrilled about climbing the mountain at such a late time in the day. This time of year it is starting to get dark at 5pm. Keith can be very persistent I was saying how nice Duck creek would be this afternoon but he held out for the mountain. Ug…
It is always a tough hike up to the top of the Mt. Erskine on Salt Spring Island. I do not know the exact grade but it feels like one is going strait up. The worst part is the trip down. I ended up taking the leash off Lucas. The last think I wanted was a 120 pound dog pulling me over while I was going strait down a rocky trail. All in all it was a afternoon day on Salt Spring Island. Check out our movie of the hike.

Update Mount Erskine Salt Spring Island hike from Feb 25, 2012 part of my 1000km in 2012 Challenge. Here is the trail up the east side to the summit of Mt Erskine. This is not the trail the video was shot on. This is the “easy” way up.

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