Secret MLS® Foreclosure Tips

For long time MLS® users you might know this but here it is.

How to spot a foreclosure on the Salt Spring MLS®.  Usually foreclosures in British Columbia are not advertised as ” IN FORECLOSURE cheep cheep bring your low ball offers”.  The banks do not want this.  They are trying to sell at market price and know the word “foreclosure brings out the baron shoppers.  So how to spot one in any area?  It is simple most areas are dominated by the same old same old agent.  In any given area there are the tried and true agent who have worked there for a long time.  They have lots and lots of listing.  Some of them have 25 years service (some still use their 25 year old photo of themselves but that’s another post).  Now as your are skimming through the listing if you see a one off listing agent or co listed property with an out of area agent you have probably just stumbled on to a foreclosure.  See the photo below.   The bottom agent is from Vancouver.  Why would anyone on Salt Spring want to co list with an agent in Vancouver?  The would not unless they had to.









Sometimes the listing will appear twice on the MLS®. Why this happens is if the co listing agent is on the Vancouver board and the local agent is on the Victoria board it will appear twice. Lots of times the listing agents will not tell you it is a foreclosure unless you ask “is this a court ordered sale”?

With these listing it is mandatory to find out total days on the market.  If it has been listed once before and the days are rolling bye time might be running out for the listing agents.  They will have sunk in a lot of money into marketing it and will want to get it into court.  This is the time for the low ball.


Scott Simmons

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