Salt Spring local election news

Salt Spring will be having a local election on the 15 of November 2014.  There will be 2 trustees for the island trust elected and one CRD director.   If you would like to know the lay out of local government here is an excellent organization chart. Salt Spring Island Local Governance  Basically the Island Trust does local zoning and land use via bylaws and the CRD handles water, sewer and building inspections.

Last night was the all candidates meeting.  The videos are of the meeting in it’s entirety with no edits.  It’s long but even if you just skip through the videos you will see the passion for the island from all of the excellent candidates running. The videos are low resolution but the audio is not that bad.

ON Monday the 10 Nov was the all candidates meeting for the School board election. There are three positions that need to be filled.

The other contested issue this election is the referendum on granting the Salt Spring transportation commission 1 million dollars over 4 years to spend on? I’m not sure. They have not provided a detailed plan. I’m voting NO.


Scott Simmons


  1. Hi Scott,

    A quick note of thanks for coming out to both all candidates meetings and especially for filming and posting the videos.
    I am also a firm believer in open and transparent government your work is an asset to our community.

    Kindest Regards,

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