Salt Spring Island sailing club spring Regatta

Salt Spring Island sailing club Spring Regatta. With just the power of the wind as the driving force six sail boats and crews competed in the annual Salt Spring Island Sailing Club Spring Regatta. Polar fleece and wool topped with waterproof outer shell were the dress of the day. When a race is held it is not subject to weather conditions – a lack of wind is the only reason for cancellation. This is what makes racing so challenging. You sail on days when most reasonable people would be home in front of the wood stove with a good book, not bobbing around Ganges harbour in a rain storm.

The Spring regatta was a series of three short races. It sounds easy but it is a lot of up, down, tack, jibe, tighten this, slack that off, sheet in no out, etc… I have to say it’s fun but a work out. If you’re not worn out by the end of it all you would have to be in great shape. On a personal note when your first mate is your partner (“wife” for non Salt Spring readers) and she says before the day begins “I feel dizzy today and should not go on the foredeck” (front of boat), LISTEN to her. Let’s just say she was right and fell overboard. June and I are still talking and laughing about it. She has a huge bruise and her cat-like foredeck skills are a little shaken. She was not technically fully overboard as she was still hanging on so it was really not that bad (note to reader we are still married). Just one of those moments you wish you had the camera on. I would like to publicly apologize to Peter Howell (who was on the helm) for yelling at him to “turn down wind”. It was not a pretty spinnaker take down; kind of one of those “what can go wrong will go wrong” times you would like to forget about.

On a lighter note Keith Simpson’s Soul Dancer Hunter 376 was in such fine form that it is rumored that a unknown America cup racing team has asked him and his well oiled team to come over to Spain and teach them some of the finer points of racing. It may appear to a casual reader that I like to pick on Keith but in my defense our boats are evenly matched and Keith declared a feud. Its the Simmons vs the Simpsons.

The races seemed to break down to into two groups: Imp (Martin 241) 1st place, Final Dash (Dash 34) 2nd, Caliente (C&C 115) 3rd, in the front running group with Alacrity 4th, Soul Dancer 5th and Strawberry Express following. From our position at the back of the fleet it seemed Final Dash with the David, Josh and Dan Wood’s team had a great regatta. It would be so much easier to report the races if we had a helicopter. If anyone on the island would like to come out to the next race, the Walker rock race April 1st the with their chopper we would appreciate it.

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