Round Prevost Island yacht race Salt Spring Island Sailing Club

Round Prevost Island yacht Race put on by the Salt Spring Island sailing club. Sunny, warm and light winds made Sunday March 4th the perfect day for the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club annual Round Prevost Island Race (one of the gulf islands privately owned I’m banned from life from there but that is another story). The nice thing about sailing here is you get to see all the nice Salt Spring waterfront real estate. Ten boats and about 50 club members and guests where given the official start by Salt Spring’s Jim Ballantyne at 10:30am. It was the skippers choice on which direction to sail 13.1 nautical miles around Prevost.

The start of the race was down wind with the spinnakers being hoisted on the line or shortly after the start. One boat declared NFS (no flying Sails – not to fly the spinnaker) (my boat kirby 30) and received an extra 18 seconds per mile bonus on his handicap. The skipper was alone (his crew came down sick at the last minute – it looked like they had a bad case of new computer-game) and it was a long race to fly the spinnaker single handed.

The next race is Saturday, March 17 – the annual one-day Spring Regatta. It is a series of short races in the harbour. If you are looking to crew or race your boat e-mail The Club’s St. Patrick’s Day party is after and you must get your tickets in advance.

By Scott Simmons
Salt Spring Island
British Columbia

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