Radioactive Uranium ship goes past Salt Spring Island

Apparently there is no danger but what would you expect to hear. How about this “Leaking ship slugs past Salt Spring Island and ooses uranium into local water”. Apparently the gov Regulators have boarded the ship and are trying to figuring out how to handle a spill of radioactive material in the ship’s hold. I wonder if they gave them the old “WE ARE WITH THE GOVERNMENT AND HERE TO HELP” This is the usually kiss of death. key words “government help” AS IF EVER!!! They should have just sent in Revenue Canada the ship would have high tailed it to Panama.

The ship was bound for China. The ship is loaded with powdered uranium concentrate from Cameco mining.

According to the company the uranium is safely contained within the ship’s hold, Cameco spokesman Rob Gereghty said Monday. It was likely he would not say “the Uranium has turned the ship into a bomb and going to level Salt Spring”.

The ship, the Altona, is currently anchored off Vancouver Island near Ladysmith which is way to populated. Why bring the ship into the Gulf Island. Go to China or wherever but why come here into a tiny harbour with little local infrastructure?

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and Transport Canada are aboard. In a statement, the nuclear regulator said there’s “no risk to the environment or public at large.” And chances are they don’t live in the area.


Have a good day and hopefully we have a north wind.

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