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  1. Hi Scott;

    About the Parminter property that just sold……..how is it that this property could have a self-contained guest house (incl kitchen and bathroom) on a 1.54 acre property? It was built in 1990 so isn’t a grandfathered building. I thought the “studio” cut-off was 600 s.f on a 2 acre lot. with restrictions re 220 v and baths etc.

    just askin’

    Gerry P

    • Hi Gerry
      One can put anything on any lot at any time. That said do they have building permits? Is it legal? Does it conform to Salt Spring LTC bylaw 355? Can one insure it? You are right one needs a rural lot with a min size of 1.2HA (approx 2.89acres) for a 56 sq meter (approx 602sqft) guest cottage. Our system is 100% complaint driven. Our local CRD building department and or Island Trust does not go out looking for infractions they only respond to complaints.

      FYI complaints are anonymous at first but eventually the complainants name will probably come out in court or in front of the LTC.

      Cheers Scott

  2. Brian Anderson says:

    A property like 2321 Fulford-Ganges has a very low assessed land value ($2400 for 6+acres), and the list price for the house and property is about double the total assessed value. I suppose that it is probably zoned as farmland, so does that mean some level of farming must be maintained? Is a hobby farm just a token activity to satisfy the assessor, or is it necessary to show some reasonable profit? Not sure how that works. Thanks for any general feedback. – Brian

  3. Brian Anderson says:

    Regarding my previous message – if you got it. I found the relevant document about farm land: http://www.bclaws.ca/civix/document/id/complete/statreg/411_95
    I see the details. Yes, some hoops to jump through, but not too onerous if you have a plan.

    • Yes Brian you are correct. Farm status is not that onerous if one works at it. Farms 2-10 acres need to sell $2500 in raw farm products not value added products. The one thing to note is farm status does not run with the land and each new owner has to apply on on their own. Cheers Scott.

  4. Michele Hooge says:

    Happy New Year Scott (and family).

    Relatively speaking now we are heading into a new year, what are your projections/ideas on home sale prices for the Gulf Islands this Spring? From what I am seeing the RE Market is slowing down, but the most important factor are the asking prices vs supply and demand.

    Thank you

    • Supply and demand are the basics for any market. Supply for 2017 will probably remain low and sales will probably remain strong. Unless there is a big market shock I think prices will continue to rise in 2017. Cheers Scott

  5. Michele Hooge says:

    Hi Scott,

    Have a question for you… where it says – Active: Sold (Unapproved), does this mean, guessing now, the bank has not approved the buyer’s mortgage. If not the answer, what does it refer too.

    Many thanks…


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