Our new boat Boomer Martin 242

With the destruction of our beloved Strawberry Express we went on a quest to find a new boat and found Boomer. Boomer is a martin 242. It is a 24 foot long fractional rig that is fun to sail and race.

The martin can be raced in a one design class http://www.m242.bc.ca/ or against other sailboats with the PHRF ratting system. Boomer rates in at 168 with is a higher handicap than Strawberry Express (kirby30) at 135. Technically the lower the handicap the faster the boat but not necessarily. The big up side to Boomer is the down wind spinnaker performance. We have yet to set the chute in high winds but are looking forward to the race in which we can do this. It should really move well but time will tell.

So far June and I are still on the steep learning curve. I hope to have the boat in top form for the up coming winter racing season. On my first sail I went out by myself for the day and raced to Mayne and around Prevost island. Since then we have been out about 5 times and think it is just different that Strawberry. Not better just different. Strawberry was a very powerful boat that would track well and tacked like a dream. Boomer (martin 242) is so much more tender and does not track as well through the tacks. The helmsman needs to be extra sensitive on the tacks.

If you would like to come out on a race drop me a email. The races go ever second week all winter long. I really like the winter races. The chances of sustained 10-15 knot winds is much higher. I find this is the optimum racing wind. Higher winds are not as much fun and winds lower than that range are just boring. So bring on the wind, Boomer is ready to show some big boats it’s” stern”. When racing sailboats the other boats look so much nicer when they are viewed on mass over the stern.


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