Salt Spring Island new year on a small real estate up swing

It looks like the new year is off with a bang as far as Salt Spring Island real estate is concerned. With 6 new sales and with one coming in over 1.5mil. The home that sold at over 1.5 was IMO not a good home and way over priced. My friend had rented the home for 6 months and really thought it was a poor home. Just goes to show that every once in a while someone will buy a dog. Good luck with that one. Any home at any price range has to have flow, grace and charm all packaged in a style that is pleasing to the eye. Far to many of the Salt Spring homes are tired, dated and just plain ugly. Only a small percentage of the buyers are willing to buy a home that needs work. If you are going to sell think about upgrading your home and staging it. I was in Cosco a week ago and shot this video on what they had.

If you do not have a copy of my top 5 picks under 750k please send me a note.


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