Market Statistics 1997-2011

Market Statistics for Salt Spring Island Real Estate. These Salt Spring Island real estate stats are compiled from data provided via the Victoria Real Estate board only. Private sales and or properties on other boards are not included in these Salt Spring real estate stats.  Here is the list of the 2011 sold homes.

2011 Market Update

The Days on the Market Statistics are skewed by the Victoria Real Estate Boards ridiculous policy of letting agent and or sellers Re List their properties and not show total or aggregate days on the Market. Agents can “Re List” a property the same day at the same price. One agent told me it freshens the listings up! This is a snap shot of a Re Listed home on Stark Rd on Salt Spring it was 675 DOM but now with the same owners it’s magically a new listing. For the mere fee $25 the listing agent can get rid of those pesky DOM stats that might make a listing look stale.



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  2. Great insight into the history of SSI real estate market! Thanks for posting this. I have a sneaking suspicion that the market correction on SSI is still a couple of years away from being done. What are your thoughts?

    • It’s hard to say were it is going to go. We have tons of inventory so prices will not go up until most of it is sold off. What will it take to sell it all off? So much of it is total junk. Thinking of adding a list to my top 5 post to worst of the worst. Again nice stunning homes well priced are in short supply while overpriced junk is abundant. If all the good homes sell off buyer will be left with the bottom of the barrel scraps. Just proves all markets are cyclical and it’s impossible to pick the bottom and or top.

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