Looking at Modular Homes on Vancouver Island

June and I had to go off Salt Spring Island and go to Vancouver Island yesterday to buy some wood for our new barn. We have a favorite mill we like to buy from directly. It’s not a normal retail environment but an interesting experience. On the way home we stopped at Vancouver Island Modular homes to see what they have in stock. I have been there a few time but June had never been.
We are not in the market and do not plan on moving but we are looking at a few lots for long term investments. My theory is to buy them now while the market is in a down cycle, put a used mobile home on it to cash flow the place. Then once the market gets heated up put in a new home and sell it. Used mobiles are cheep and who cares if the renters beat on it. The main problem with my theory is when the market picks up carpenters are harder to get on Salt Spring than doctors. That is why the thought of a modular home has always appealed to me. I’m a big fan of one level living and the not so big home. Our present home is way to big. There are some rooms I have not been in for over a year. Simple efficient homes are the wave of the future. June and I have been purging “stuff” out of our home for years and I think somehow “stuff” must be growing in some sub-room. Well hopefully I will have the barn finished soon so I can move all the “stuff” from my garage into it. It will be so nice to have the garage empty I will have enough room to put in a couple of projects I want to start on.
So again before I regress if you are thinking of building on Salt Spring Island check out modular homes. They are nicer than most people think they could be. Enjoy the video clips. Have a great day. I have to go move some stuff to make room for more stuff. Just like George Carlin said to much stuff.

Interview on CFSI Radio Real Estate show with Larry from VI Modular Homes.

CFSI 107.9 FM – Larry VI Modular part1
CFSI 107.9 FM – Larry VI Modular part2
CFSI 107.9 FM – Larry VI Modular part3


  1. Barbara Nash says

    Hello, I stumpled onto your site while researching rentals on Salt Spring Island. I live in California & would love to relocate to Salt Spring Island or the Vancouver Island area in the very near future. I have a 13 year old that I’m staying in my current area for as long as I can tolerate so that she can finish school here, but my instincts tell me she would get a better education there.

    If you are serious about purchasing land & a modular home to rent on Salt Spring Island, I would love to hear about it. I’m a very reliable renter & would prefer to rent in an area before taking the plunge to buy.
    Thank you,

  2. Barbara Nash says

    Sorry, meant to write stumbled upon.

  3. Hi Barbara Yes I always recommend renting first and then buying once you decide you like the place. I don’t think I will be buying in the immediate future. There are lots of places to rent on the island. Best not to move here in June, July or August and try to find a rental.

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