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  1. Olwen Wirth says

    I have a question that I have put to the BC Ministry of Transportation (they have yet to respond) but I noticed that you had an article about gazetted roads so I thought you might have some insight.. Heres my question, there are roads on the Saltspring mapIT site that are also on the official iMap site run by the ministry. Some of these roads go thru a private lot and the maps also do not show a road allowance, do you think if there is a driveway or trail on such a road it could be used for foot traffic–or do you have any insight into this on Salt Spring island

    • I’m not a lawyer and do not give legal advice so do not take this as advice but as a general statement. A road allowance is a public right of way and the public can use it, via a road or a trail. There are many such roads like this on Salt Spring and I personally use them when I feel like it to get to a trailhead or waterfront. Sometimes I print off a copy of the map and take it with me to show anyone who might stop me. I would also show them my id if asked and would vacate if asked but also would ask for their name and email and pull up the titles and or survey plans and see who actually owns the land. That said I know someone who owns the land under a power line and the crown has an easement for their use only not the public. He mentioned this to the trespassers and they said it was Crown Royal land and they could use it which they cannot and there is no such thing as Crown Royal land. Do let me know where this road is and maybe I have the title already in my databank. Cheers Scott

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