Jack and Jill race at the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club

The Salt Spring Island Sailing Club held it’s annual Jack and Jill sailing race on Saturday the 16 June. Nine boats, with crews consisting of one female and one male, started the race.
The course went from the sailing club out to the Channel Islands and circled them one and a half times and back to the club for a salmon barbeque.

It sounded so easy but the winds were not going to let the boats get their Jacks back to cook for the Jills quickly. Some of the boats just made it out of the inner harbour and some made it out to the islands and then drifted. This did give us the chance to see the Channel Islands up close and see all the seals and beautiful little beaches. After drifting with the current, Strawberry Express retired for home with the old engine giving the battery the longest charge of the year. Alacrity, Imp, Electra (Aphrodite 101), Tigger J (C&C 38) and Arbitrage glided around the islands and made it to the BBQ. Tinker, Aquila Mia and Naru (northstar 1500) had all returned to the dock without the aid of the wind.

The Wednesday night races are in full swing with the skippers meeting at 4:30 and a 5:00 start. The winds have been steady so far.

The Friday night adult Laser dinghy races (5pm start) are a huge success. Last Friday’s strong winds gave all the not-so-young laser sailors a real work out. Every racer (except Greg) had the chance to practice righting their boat and Dr. Woodley even had the chance to practice his trade and dole out some stitches to yours truly who unfortunately forgot to duck.

I received my stitches at the emergency ward in the Lady Minto Hospital on Salt Spring. I arrived at the hospital at 7:55 pm and was out by 8:10 pm. The Hospital on Salt Spring is fantastic, quick clean and no waiting. What more do you want from a Hospital? Could you get that kind of service in any city in Canada? I don’t think so. The doctors on Salt Spring are young, vibrant and not in short supply. It is comforting to know that we have such a great facility on island.

The next big race coming up is the Vendee Salt Spring race on the weekend of July 7-8. There is a limit to the number of boats so sign up soon.

By Scott Simmons

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