“IN THE FLESH” Book Launch on Salt Spring

I was invited to film the book launch of the new collaborative book “IN THE FLESH”.  Sorry for the poor lighting in the videos.  I was going to bring some lights but thought they would surly have some decent lighting.   There are 8 short video clips

I did like all the readings but Brian Brett (Trauma Tarm) is such a fantastic writer you have to watch part 8

IN THE FLESH is an intelligent, witty, and provocative look at how we think about—and live within—our bodies. The editors and writers in this collection describe, in many voices, what human bodies feel now. Each author’s candid essay focuses on one part of the body, and explores its function, its meanings, and the role it has played in his or her life.

With original essays by Caroline Adderson, André Alexis, Taiaiake Alfred, Brian Brett, Trevor Cole, Dede Crane, Lorna Crozier, Candace Fertile, Stephen Gauer, Julian Gunn, Heather Kuttai, Susan Olding, Kathy Page, Kate Pullinger, Merilyn Simonds, Richard Steel, Madeleine Thien, Sue Thomas, Margaret Thompson, and Lynne Van Luven.

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