How to sell your home in any Real Estate market

As a Salt Spring Island real estate agent the first question I usually get from anyone is “how is the market doing”. I usually say the same answer “great”. Home are always selling in all markets. If the market is hot or cold it really does not mater if you are selling. If your home is very poorly turned out it will not sell. Some homes just sit and sit, some for years.

There are two main reasons price and state of it. The easy route is just to lower the price until it sell. Any home will sell if you keep lowering the price. The problem with this is you are giving away your home equity. The best thing to do is to stage the home to sell. Last year I took an extensive home staging course and learned a lot about home staging. I have written what I consider to be a very simple guide to home staging. You can download a copy of it right here. how to sell printed brochure If you follow this simple guild you will find out how easy it is to stage your home to sell. If you have any questions about home staging just send me a note. I can come over and help you stage your home if you live on Salt Spring Island and list your home with me.

If you stage your home and make it look smashing it will sell faster than any none staged comparable home. Home staging can help you sell faster and generally at higher price. Look at this video of sold Salt Spring home. Look at how nice the homes that sold were.

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