Last Race of the year for the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club

On Sunday in December I woke up at 6am to the sound of a howling wind.  I thought to myself, it’s race day, it will be great.  At 8am I had a cup of java and shook the cob webs off and looked out at the water and all I could see on the Trincomali Channel was a sea of white foaming waves.

I had decided the other day that if I was going to race on Sunday I would crew on another boat because of the sad state of Strawberry’s hull. She is going in for a paint job in January and I would rather just wait until she has a smooth new paint job. This race would be sailed on the mighty Electra, a very sleek Aphrodite 101 33′ skippered by the local great sailor Roger Kibble.

Once out on the water the wind was just great blowing 30 – 40 knots. Which makes for fun sailing. We where down to one reef in the main and a self taking #4 head sail. It is too bad we did not have the ability to get another reef in the main or get it flatter. We had to much canvas up and the boat was over powered. You can tell by the state of the tiller (excessive weather helm). This did not stop us from bashing along and having a great race.

On the way back to the harbour we duked it out with Alacrity. Bob Jones put up a great fight but eventually we broke past him and left him in our wake. The thing about yacht racing it is a handicaped sport and the day went to the new fleet captian racing Pete McGovern and his boat Dreky. Well done Pete, as they say those darn Hunters, they can really sail in a strong wind.

It was the end of a great sailing year for me, the highlight being the round salt spring race and the swiftsure. The main highlight is the friends I have made. The sailors and or racers on Salt Spring are really a great group of people. See you all next year and I hope you only see my stern.


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