Scott on the CKNW Home Discovery show with Ian Power and Steve Seaborn

CKNW radio

CKNW radio


Two days in a row I was invited to go on Ian Power &  Steve Seaborn’s Home Discover show on CKNW 98 and the CORUS network.  On Saturday the show goes all the way to Kenora Ontario on Sunday the show is broadcast on the CORUS BC network of stations.  It was a great show to talk about Salt Spring Island and how great it is.  The Home discovery show is really a fantastic show Steve is very well versed about all things construction.

The Salt Spring portion of the show starts at the 8 minute mark.

CKNW Home Disc May 12



I do luv Salt Spring and would go on any show and or any venue to promote our little island.


  1. Richard Fowler says

    gentlemen, I have 4 vinyl chairs on my deck outside and I have a great problem removing the stain from the several Oak trees close by .I would appreciate any product you can suggest to remove the dirty stains.
    I do appreciate your program on sataday mornings.I live in Victoria BC.
    Many thanks
    Richard Fowler

  2. Richard Fowler says

    I do appreciate your radio program.

  3. Pat Kowalchuk says

    I love listening to your program in Alberta on QR77 and so much I have learned from listening in.
    My son is in the process of selling his house in our small town of Nanton and a potential buyer was disappointed when she was told by the insurance company she was working through told her they would not insure her in this house as the power box, which by the way the house is about 40 years old, has 60 power box and they wanted it to be 100. My son has lived in his house for 30 of those years and has never had any kind of problem with the power.
    What is your take on this that we might not be aware of?
    Appreciate your help. Thankyou.

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