Why Salt Spring?

Location and Climate Salt Spring Island is located within the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia between Vancouver Island and the mainland. The climate is the mildest in Canada. Its area is 70 square miles (of beautiful salt spring real estate) and includes mountains, sandy beaches, rocky shorelines oceanfront, majestic forests, rolling pastures, lakes, gorgeous homes, condos - something … [Read more...]

History of Salt Spring

Salt Spring History I was fortunate to go the Salt Spring Historical Society presentation when Charles Kahn gave his talk about the history of Salt Spring. The talk is podcast below. It was a talk and slide show. Most of the slides are in his excellent Salt Spring history book which you can buy here. download Part 1  Charles Kahn presentation  Salt Spring History part 1 … [Read more...]

“IN THE FLESH” Book Launch on Salt Spring

I was invited to film the book launch of the new collaborative book "IN THE FLESH".  Sorry for the poor lighting in the videos.  I was going to bring some lights but thought they would surly have some decent lighting.   There are 8 short video clips I did like all the readings but Brian Brett (Trauma Tarm) is such a fantastic writer you have to watch part 8 IN THE FLESH is an … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island Fire / Rescue Election News

The results are in and with only 174 votes cast we have re elected the same three trustees.  Over this term the board will have to make the decision to go ahead with the new 2-4milion dollar Salt Spring  fire hall.  I really do not think the general public on Salt Spring is following this story and will react after that fact.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Will try to keep … [Read more...]

Crofton BC real estate investment

Like I have said on my old web site "Crofton could be one of the nicest town on the west side of Vancouver Island".   Fast forward Catalyst Paper is out of bankruptcy protection as of 2013.  They have a deal in place with the unions to cut their labour cost but the main problem is their staggering debt, high taxes and high input cost.  So I state again "if" (or when) the mill closes Crofton may … [Read more...]

Seedy Saturday on Salt Spring Island BC

Seedy Saturday on Salt Spring was a huge success. I was glad I was there at 9:45 by 11am the farmers institute was packed. There was probably 40 or so tables set up with everything from organic coffee, baked goods to people selling organic seeds. There was also a series of lectures from permaculture to tree pruning. If you missed it don't miss it next year. It should be on … [Read more...]

Snow day on Salt Spring

After having a rose bloom in the garden last week it looked like we might have skipped winter and gone strait into spring. Seems old man winter realized he had forgotten about us and decided to pay Salt Spring a visit. I was starting to wonder what snow was like. So glad winter is only one day long on Salt Spring. Should be back to plus 8 by tomorrow. I can handle winter when it only for … [Read more...]

Home Exchange Salt Spring / UK

Hi Scott, We are seeking a sabbatical from Salt Spring, and accordingly trying to find a long term house exchange with a couple in the UK. It occurred to me that you might have the occasional inquiry from folks considering selling up and relocating to our lovely island, but who might like the opportunity to try before they buy. I’m registered with a couple of home-exchange sites, but the … [Read more...]

Stunning Salt Spring photos

Just on flickr and looking at the Salt Spring Island group photos and they are really good. Here they are; What is your fav photo? Just reading up on setting up a pool for the Salt Spring Island poultry club and I could not pass up the chance to share these stunning saltspring photos. These are from the Salt Spring flickr group. … [Read more...]

Aggregate Days on the Market

What are "aggregate days on the market"? On the Victoria Real Estate board an agent can "Re-List" a property for a mere $25 fee.  An example would be if a home has been listed on the board for 180 days the listing can be taken off the market and then "Re-Listed" and appear to be a new listings with zero days on the market.   This can be very misleading and a listing agent would be telling the … [Read more...]

Good bye Salt Spring 2011

Good bye 2011 you were a fantastic year for me and all my friends and family on Salt Spring Island. Lets home 2012 will be as kind as 2011. Thanks You Salt Spring for all your kind luv. Cheers Scott … [Read more...]

Smart Meters on Salt Spring

Lots of SaltSpringers seems to be against the so called "smart meters". Here is a good article in the Tyee why people do not like smart meters. Radio Real Estate show with Smart Meter committee on Salt Spring Island; [audio:http://saltspringrealestateagent.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/smart-meters-part1.mp3|titles=smart meters … [Read more...]

“A Dublin Studend Doctor” Book Launch on Salt Spring Island

Last night Salt Spring had the honour of a book launch for the new book "A Dublin Student Doctor" by acclaimed Irish/Canadian author Patrick Taylor. This new book is part of Patrick Taylor's best selling Irish Country Doctor series of books. If you have not read the Irish Country Doctor series I highly recommenced them. Patrick Taylor can spin an Irish yarn so long and keep it going so well. The … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island Apple Festival 2 Oct 2011

The Salt Spring Island Apple Festival was on Sunday 2nd of Oct. There were 16 farms on this years Apple Festival. The twitter hashtag for the Salt Spring apple festival was #ssiapple. There were not as many tweets sent out as I thought there would be. The main starting point for the apple festival was Fulford Hall. I did not make it to all 16 farms. I was going back and forth between a buyer in … [Read more...]

Just home from SMCV11 what a fantastic camp

I was fortunate to go to Social Media Camp 2011 #smcv11 in Victoria this last weekend. There is so much to learn about twitter, facebook, youtube, web sites, blogs, etc.. It was really an amazing camp. The organizers brought in some of the top blogger and tweeters in North America and they were fascinating. I'm glad I'm into the social media revolution it seems like the was of the future is here … [Read more...]

The Salt Spring Island Blossom festival

June and I slipped off the farm Sunday afternoon with Passport in hand and no kids. It was fun to tour the island and not look at Real Estate. We managed to go to 6 places and get our stickers for our passport. We went to Fraser Thimble Farm, Plant Farm, Foxglove Farm and Garden Supplies, a well deserved coffee and muffin at TJ Beans, Salt Spring Air and then a final stop at Harbour House Hotel. … [Read more...]

What an gift I recived today… when was the last time someone gave you a Tiki?

It was so nice of Banana Joe to pop over with a Freaky Tiki for me. I have always wanted my own Tiki. This little guy is made out of the local Arbutus wood. For those of you that have never meet Joe or seen any of his video clips on youtube you have missed out. Banana Joe is Salt Spring Island's expert in all things tropical. From Bamboos to Palms Joe knows his stuff. Wow my own Tiki. The … [Read more...]

Tweet Tweet Tweet I finally gave in and started to tweet on twitter

I don't know why I had not started years ago? Another thing to do in my spare time I guess.  It is actually really cool and useful for breaking news stories.   Glad I have jumped on the bandwagon.  So off Tweeting I will go.  Tweet Tweet.  I will try and see if I can get Michael our mean little biting budgie to give me some tips on how to tweet.  So if you are on twitter you can tweet me at … [Read more...]

Save Our Surgery at Lady Minto Hospital on Salt Spring Island BC

Today I received a call from another Salt Spring Island real estate agent Phyllis Bolton from Pemberton Homes about her cause which is the Save Our Surgery group. The first question I had for Phyllis is what can I do to help the cause. Phyllis is a well respected person on Salt Spring and if there was anything I could do I would do it. As the conversation went along I asked her if they were on … [Read more...]

WordPress drop in last night on Salt Spring was a success

Last night I hosted Salt Spring Island's first free mini wordpress drop in for beginners through intermediate and it was a big success. I thought there would be more people at the beginner level but it turned out everyone had a site and needed coaching. One site should take off at this point. The web master is a volunteer with a rather large salt spring organization. She was given the job and has … [Read more...]