Salt Spring B&B info

So you want to own and operate a B&B.  June and I ran our Salt Spring B&B for two years it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I'm not an expert but did learned a few things running ours.  Here are my top 10 B&B owner/operator tips; 1. Minimum two night stay - twice the money for half the work - one night stays are not worth it. 2. Offer a discount if they do not want … [Read more...]

Is there GST on the Sale of this Salt Spring ____ ?

Is GST applicable on the sale of this property? I get asked all the time and do not usually know the answer.  GST can be complicated.   Here is an article from BCREA bulletin. REALTORS® should be aware of the pitfalls involved in whether Goods and Services Tax (GST) is payable in a real estate transaction. Unless a REALTOR® is absolutely certain—and willing to take the risk, if … [Read more...]

TV show Realty Reality on Salt Spring

So glad shooting for the new Real Estate TV show "Realty Reality" is over. It was a lot of work. It all looks so easy on TV but in reality it was not easy. I think they were waiting for the "moment" to happen. You know the big fall down the steps or fall of the dock. I think they did shoot a few moments hopefully they will end up on the cutting room floor. The worst part was actually getting all … [Read more...]

Transition Year Expected for BC Housing Market

Transition Year Expected for BC Housing Market BCREA 2013 Second Quarter Housing Forecast Vancouver, BC – May 9, 2013. The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) released its 2013 Second Quarter Housing Forecast today. BC Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) residential sales are forecast to edge up 1.9 per cent to 68,900 units this year, before increasing a further 6.5 per cent … [Read more...]

BC Home Sales Tick “slightly” Higher in March

BC Home Sales Tick Higher in March Vancouver, BC – April 15, 2013.  The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports that a total of 5,661 residential sales were recorded by the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in BC during March, up 6.6 per cent from February on a seasonally adjusted basis, but down 17.7 per cent compared to March 2012. Total sales dollar volume was down 18.5 per … [Read more...]

Does the home get sunlight?

If you’re planning to live on Salt Spring year-round, one of the most important things to consider when buying a property is SUNLIGHT. Do the neighbor’s trees or a mountain block the sun during the winter months?  According to Salt Spring real estate mythology, “If they buy in August, they will list in November and sell in December.”  Unfortunately, this myth is sad, but true.  The long dark … [Read more...]

Real Estate legal update Feb 2013

Number 460, February 2013 A BAD INSPECTION REPORT When a buyer refuses, for a legitimate reason, to remove a subject clause because of a bad inspection report, what is the listing licensee to do with that knowledge? This was the issue in a recent case where the court found the listing licensee liable for $47,000 in damages for failing to fully tell subsequent buyers about problems … [Read more...]

News Release from BCREA

BC Home Sales Remain Subdued but Stable Vancouver, BC – February 18, 2013.  The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports that a total of 3,410 residential sales were recorded by the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in BC during January, up 1.8 per cent from December on a seasonally adjusted (SA) basis, but down 13.6 per cent compared to January 2012.  Similarly, total sales … [Read more...]

News Release from Victoria Real Estate board

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 1, 2013                                                                                                                               SALES DOWN BUT PRICES HOLD IN GREATER VICTORIA REAL ESTATE MARKET VICTORIA, BC–A slow start to the year in Victoria’s real estate market is evidence that buyers are continuing to wait for prices to drop. Although January … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island Building trades

Salt Spring Building Trades and or Salt Spring contractors or Salt Spring construction this page is about building your home on Salt Spring. If you are thinking of building your dream home on Salt Spring Islands this page is for you. There are many steps to the building process. It all starts with an idea or dream and then you look at your budget. Hopefully your dream home can be built … [Read more...]

VOW, PCS and IDX what are they

What is a VOW and or what is PCS? VOW stands for “Virtual Office Website” A VOW is where the public can enter their contact information, get a password, describe property interest, and then conduct searches of all available Salt Spring Island MLS® listings. Listing display rules are set by the CREA® Canadian Real Estate Association. Once a visitor becomes a bona fide customer / client they … [Read more...]

Moving with Sea Containers

Hi Scott. You were asking if I could write a piece for your blog about our experience of moving across Canada with shipping (sea) containers by train – so here goes. This was a long move – 6000 km from New Brunswick to Salt Spring Island. We wanted a moving option that was going to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and not break the bank. I recall you mentioned that you have had clients … [Read more...]

500k – 899k (middle market) Salt Spring Real Estate

The 500k -899k (middle market)  prices are trending up.  There is a "relatively" fast turn over of homes in this price range if it is a decent home.   Some pristine homes with nice ocean views are available. If the home is in perfect shape, well located, with a sunny view lot and not overpriced, it will sell fast. There are lots of buyers looking for quality Salt Spring homes in this range. This … [Read more...]

Home inspection on Salt Spring Island

Home inspection on Salt Spring Island happened yesterday at a 42 year old log home. To accomplish the home inspections the buyer brought in a  Home Inspector, Geo-technical Engineer and a local Salt Spring contractor. Jeff the home inspector tells the story about the bag of Gold he found in an attic; gold story How many people would like to find a bag of gold in an attic? Here … [Read more...]

Salt Spring home face lift

My clients bought this dated salt spring home a month ago and are upgrading it.  The home was built in 1996 and is structurally 100% perfect.  It seams as if the original owner skimped on the finishing.   The main up grade Alex Denny (salt spring master carpenter) will be doing for the owners is re-finishing the oak hardwood floors. Audio clip about home face lift Part 1 Home Face lift Part 2 … [Read more...]

Houses Made of Wood and Light by Michele Dunkerley

The Radio Real Estate show was honored to have Michele Dunkerley author of 'Houses Made of Wood and Light' on the show today.  The book is about noted Salt Spring architect Hank Schubart.  If you have ever been in a Shubart home you would probably know it.  As per the press release “The book traces the career of an architect who had a genius for finding the perfect site for a home and for … [Read more...]

Market Report

Salt Spring Island real estate was a buyers’ market from late 2008 until spring/summer of 2015. The low of the market was probably 2012/13. Since 2015 Salt Spring has been a sellers’ market with prices trending up. The main source of buyers on Salt Spring has been buyers from the Vancouver area. Below are the Salt Spring Real Estate statistics; Please note: the median of a set of numbers is … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island Home Inspection

Salt Spring Home Inspection I recommend getting a home inspection when buying or selling on Salt Spring Island.  Sellers who get a home inspection make it much easier for buyers to feel comfortable when buying their Salt Spring Island home. Here is a list of Salt Spring Island home inspectors.  I do not endorse or guarantee these inspectors, so it is up to you to hire the one with whom you … [Read more...]

Dual Agency

Update as of March 15, 2018 there will be a ban on limited dual agency An individual licensee won’t be able to represent more than one party in a transaction. This applies to sales, leases, assignments, as well as when there are two or more buyers. Designated agency will still be allowed. Dual Agency? Limited Dual Agency? Designated Agency? What is this all about? I thought you were my … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island Buying tips

Scott’s Salt Spring Buying Tips I can help you negotiate the best price on any Salt Spring Island home for sale (use the mortgage calculator to help you work out your budget). But, before you make an offer to purchase a specific Salt Spring home, I can: Talk to all the neighbours before the offer to purchase. Find out about the seller’s motivation to sell their Salt spring … [Read more...]